Jurassic World Evolution 2 Review: Tricera-tops its predecessor

While I enjoyed the campaign, it was actually a little shorter than I expected, but it was an extremely effective tutorial and introduction to basic gameplay mechanics. If you’d like to read up ...

9 Amazing
Guild Wars 2 Hands-On With The Mechanist

Guild Wars 2 Hands-On With The Mechanist

Ahead of the latest Guild Wars 2: End Of Dragons beta test we got to go hands-on with the final three specializations set to land as we make land in Cantha. With the aid of some experienced ArenaNet d...

Grow: Song Of The Evertree EGX Preview

Grow: Song Of The Evertree EGX Preview

Wandering through the halls of EGX, Gamespace got some time to escape the noise and tend to our own adventure with Grow: Song of the Evertree, an utterly charming new title about to sprout onto PC nex...

RuneScape Update Is Adding Construction Contracts

Get a Free Exclusive outfit in the SteelSeries x Runescape Promotion

In a surprising (but welcome ) partnership that came out of the blue, SteelSeries has partied up with Runescape to give away some exclusive shinies. Starting on September 20th, you can head over to th...

Astria Ascending Keyart

Astria Ascending Hands-On Preview

With the plethora of new games coming out nowadays, especially “indie” titles, it’s hard to “keep in the know” about every one of them. No matter how long one is in the b...

marvel future revolution hands-on preview picture of marvel heroes in combat stances

Marvel: Future Revolution Aims For Success In Our Hands-On Preview

Marvel Future Revolution, Netmarble’s newest mobile adventure, is set to superhero land on iOS and Android soon. Before we suit up for real on 25 August, Netmarble drafted us to join Omega Fligh...

Scarlet Hood And The Wicked Wood Banner

Scarlet Hood And The Wicked Wood PC Review

If we played the “first thing that comes to mind game” and I threw out the words “Scarlet Hood And The Wicked Wood” what mental connotations would this lead to? One might think...

7.9 Good

Ragnarock Review! Silly Sounding Fun

Grab your horns, board your longboat, and by Thor, you will bang some drums. Ragnarock launch last month on Steam VR and Oculus and I finally joined a raid to try out this Viking metal rhythm title. B...

8 Great
The Lazarus Instrumentality

Join Us In The Lazarus Instrumentality – New World Hands On

For players eager to ready up and get ahead in Amazon’s New World, the prospect of entering tomorrow’s Closed Beta is a chance to get a first look at everything Aeternum has to offer. From the cliffs ...

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