the last friend, three lanes ful of turrets fend off attack

The Last Friend Nintendo Switch Review

Good Dogs and Great Gameplay Bound Onto The Nintendo Switch The Last Friend went for walkies last week when Skystone Games let go of the leash and brought a bright mix of tower defense and tail waggin...

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Core Keeper

Core Keeper PC Preview

Core Keeper, from developer Pugstorm, is a fresh take on the co-op sandbox genre. In the vein of titles like Minecraft, Terraria, and Stardew Valley, Core Keeper sets out to distinguish itself in this...

Guild Wars 2: End Of Dragons Launch Date Revealed - two players backed by Jade bots

Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons Review – The Final Chapter?

Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons is not just the latest entry in this game changing MMORPG, it is the culmination of almost 10 years of updates and story progression, but with the fate of all life hanging ...

9 Amazing
GW2 Expansion Cantha End Of Dragons Kuunavang

Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons Review In Progress

Guild Was 2 End of Dragons launched on 28 February and after nearly a month back in Cantha we’re finally ready to share our thoughts, feelings, and fears in this Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons Review. Ki...

Lingo Legend

Lingo Legend Sends Players on an Epic RPG Adventure to Learn a New Language

Lingo Legend is a brand new mobile RPG with a twist: Playing through the game accomplishes the dual feat of teaching players a brand new language alongside an epic role-playing adventure. Just launche...

Follow Us Into A City Under Supernatural Siege In Ghostwire Tokyo Preview - a picture of abandoned Shibuya

Follow Us Into A City Under Supernatural Siege In Ghostwire Tokyo Preview

Normally getting to tour the backstreets of Tokyo is a privilege. I’ve not been back to the neon-filled megalopolis in years, so when Bethesda invited us to take a tour of Ghostwire: Tokyo, we j...

ollolli world review

OlliOlli World Review – Just Gnarly

With the launch of OlliOlli World across PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, and Nintendo Switch soon, we shove off into review of Roll7’s bodacious new skating sim. Alley oops, tweaked grabs, an...

9 Amazing
OlliOlli World Hands On Preview

We’ve Flipped Through OlliOlli World And It’s Definitely Not Sketchy – Hands On Preview

Grab a board and dive on into our preview of upcoming skate sim OlliOlli World, a rad reinvention of a classic PSVita game that is utterly sublime. When we were given crashpads and a helmet ahead of p...

Guild Wars 2 End Of Dragons Preview - A Postcard From Cantha - a PICTURE OF THE NEW GUILD HALL

Guild Wars 2 End Of Dragons Preview – A Postcard From Cantha

Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons is incoming. It’s barely weeks until this massive new MMO expansion arrives and after hundreds of years away, the hype is immeasurable. Ok, it might only have been j...

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