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Cartel Tycoon Preview

Drugs are very bad for you, but things were different in the eighties, at least a little bit. Take the reins of your own empire as you are thrown immediately into the world and have to figure out the ...


Kosmokrats Quick Hit Review

Does life on Earth have you down in the dumps and wishing there was something better? Join the Space Force and make your dreams of drone piloting come true. In Kosmokrats you are a potato peeler turne...

Torchlight III Switch Banner

Torchlight III Switch Quick Hit Review

Echtra Games‘ action RPG (ARPG) Torchlight III, though newly released, has had a bit of a torrid history. The game started out as a successor in the Torchlight game franchise series as Torchligh...

Warsaw Switch Banner

WARSAW Nintendo Switch Quick Hit Review

Almost a year ago I reviewed the Steam PC version of the rogue-like, turn-based strategy RPG game WARSAW. Back then I gave it a glowing score. Now we find ourselves one year later with the game ported...

Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 Complete Edition Review

Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 is back on Steam. I repeat, Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 is back on Steam! I’m not sure what has transpired, but Frontier seems to have moved past the legal issues with Atari ...

7 Good

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Quick Hit Review

The opportunity to play a title in a series that I have loved since I was three came about and I took hold of it. Final Fantasy has been with me my whole life so when we got a code from Square Enix fo...

Neversong Switch Hero Banner

Neversong Nintendo Switch Quick Hit Review

I have a love/hate relationship with platformers, mostly because I tend not to do well with them. When one tempts me by including my “first love”, music, well then I’m intrigued. Eve...


Heroes of Hammerwatch: Ultimate Edition Quick Hit Review

Who wants a rogue-lite action RPG with all the trimmings? The Heroes of Hammerwatch: Ultimate Edition is now available from Crackshell and it brings with it more classes, more upgrades, and more level...


Bite the Bullet Quick Hit Review

Are you hungry? It’s time to eat your veggies, alien creatures, and even machines as you try to make your character as fat as possible in this roguelite RPG shooter, Bite The Bullet. The developers ov...

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