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Neversong Switch Hero Banner

Neversong Nintendo Switch Quick Hit Review

I have a love/hate relationship with platformers, mostly because I tend not to do well with them. When one tempts me by including my “first love”, music, well then I’m intrigued. Eve...


Heroes of Hammerwatch: Ultimate Edition Quick Hit Review

Who wants a rogue-lite action RPG with all the trimmings? The Heroes of Hammerwatch: Ultimate Edition is now available from Crackshell and it brings with it more classes, more upgrades, and more level...


Bite the Bullet Quick Hit Review

Are you hungry? It’s time to eat your veggies, alien creatures, and even machines as you try to make your character as fat as possible in this roguelite RPG shooter, Bite The Bullet. The developers ov...

Reversion 3: The Return Mole

Reversion 3: The Return – Attack of the Sergio PC Review

The year is 2035, the place apocalyptic Buenos Aires, and lo and behold you have lost your memory as to how you found yourself here. In actuality, that happened two chapters ago in Reversion 1: The Es...

5.7 Average

Never Breakup Quick Hit Review for Nintendo Switch

To say certain games are non-traditional is a bit of an understatement. Never Breakup is as non-traditional as it gets. Your character is an animal that is puffed up into a ball and tethered to anothe...


Command and Conquer Remastered Collection Quick-Hit Review

Twenty-five years have passed since one RTS came into our lives, and for me, it was my very first RTS. That game is Command and Conquer Remastered Collection. Created originally by Westwood Studios, t...


Last Battle: Order from Caos Quick Hit Review

Old school role-playing games (RPG) are what I was raised on. So when we were given the opportunity to play a new one I jumped at the opportunity. A retro-style RPG, Last Battle: Order of Caos, is the...


The Outer Worlds & How It Plays On the Switch

Space, the final frontier, wait no that’s Star Trek, and this is not that. With this title, you will find your way through witty story missions, pick up missions and head out to defeat those pesky ene...

railway empire nintendo switch edition switch

Railway Empire Switch Quick Hit Review

Games publisher Kalypso Media has had a strong track record with strategy / tactical/ building simulation games. Their resume includes such classics as the Commandos and Tropico series. Now I’ve...

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