Soulborn - Indie RPG Alpha Trailer

Soulborn – Indie RPG Alpha Trailer

The developers from small indie team Pixelmad Studios have presented the trailer for their first upcoming project Soulborn to introduce players to the closed-alpha phase of the game that can be access...

Treat Your-Shelf to our Bookbound Brigade Review for PC

Bookbound Brigade brought the tales of some of your favorite literary and historical characters to PC on January 30th.   A light-hearted, indie platformer by a studio in Italy, Bookbound Brigade has a...

7.5 Good

Darksburg PC Early Access Review

Welcome to the town of Darksburg, where you must battle through hordes of Infected as one of four Survivors if you wish to live another day. Darksburg is both developed and published by Shiro Games, a...

7.5 Good
voez x shovel knight

Voez x Shovel Knight DLC Coming To Nintendo Switch

A new Voez x Shovel Knight DLC is about to kick off a crossover for Nintendo Switch players that you’re really going to dig. Voez, possibly one of the best received musical games on the Nintendo Switc...

Cat Girl Without Salad

Cat Girl Without Salad Is Out On Switch

Wayforward has just released Cat Girl Without Salad on Nintendo Switch, a game so bizarre we thought it was an April Fools joke. While a whole ton of video game nonsense was ongoing yesterday, we spot...


STATIONflow Pulls Into PC During April

STATIONflow, a brand new title from DMM games is about to change your morning commute forever when it arrives on Cp on 15 April. Miss the morning commute? Can’t wait to get up close and personal with ...

Google Opens Stadia Makers Program for Indie Developers

Google Opens Stadia Makers Program for Indie Developers

At the virtual Google for Games Developer Summit, the company has announced increased support for indie game developers via the Stadia Makers program, aimed to bring more indie titles onto the platfor...

Our First Impression of Resolutiion

Somewhere in between illusions, in a space where reality, memory, and fallacy collide, a question echoes in the darkness: “who pulls these strings?” And somewhere just beyond perception, a voice respo...


Bloodroots Review: Bearly A Bloody Boar

Bloodroots launched on Nintendo Switch and PC last week and this bloody tale of revenge has had me gripped to my Switch. Spoken out loud, Bloodroots sounds like a somber title. Hunted by a pack of hea...

8 Great

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