STEAM HIGH FIVE – Highly Interactive Art

Video games serve a lot of purposes in our lives; from good fun to immersive escapism, family night options to a powerful cathartic release. Through all of this, it’s sometimes easy to forget th...

Our Review of Swordbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP on Nintendo Switch

It is humanly impossible to play every title that comes along – especially right at their release dates! However, there are occasions when a title will be so well received that it makes a resurg...

8.5 Great
At the Gates

Jon Shafer’s At the Gates – Official Trailer

At the Gates is an indie 4x strategy game from Jon Shafer, designer of Civilization 5. Players take on a role of a Dark Age lord whose destiny is to build a kingdom in the shadow of the crumbling Roma...

A Plague Tale: Innocence

A Plague Tale: Innocence Shows Off Medieval France

If this time of year has you reaching for a hot cup of generic lemon flu liquid, then spare a moment for the protagonists of upcoming adventure game Plague Tale: Innocence. Just to remind you how luck...

Shedding Light In the Darkness of Iris.Fall

There is something captivating about the nature of light and darkness. At an earlier age, we grow cautious of the unknown hide behind the veil of night. That is the realm of uncertainties and obscurit...

8 Great

Abzu Review – Nintendo Switch Edition

When Abzu initially launched on PC, PlayStation 4 back in August 2016, it seemed an odd idea. Yet, a game that seemed to be about skulking around the depths of the ocean floor captured critics hearts....

9 Amazing

Kenshi Review: Of Swords, Scavenging, and Strife

I know what you’re thinking. Society is overrated. You can’t stand it, but it inevitably insinuates its vile influences into your otherwise perfect life and you know it would be so much be...

6.1 Fair

Switch Demo Drops for Freedom Planet

2D Platformer fans rejoice: Freedom Planet now has a playable demo available on the Nintendo eShop. In case you are not familiar with it, check out the trailer: Dubbed “The best Sega Genesis gam...



Let’s face it, the majority of games center around mayhem in one form or another. Whether combatting, preventing, or enacting there are games of that specific ilk that allow and encourage it all...

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