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Quantum Error - Zombie Shooter for PS4 & PS5 Announced

Quantum Error – Zombie Shooter for PS4 & PS5

TeamKill Media, the developers behind Kings of Lorn: The Fall of Ebris, have announced a new project. Called Quantum Error, the game is a cosmic-horror FPS for PS4 & PS5. To celebrate the announce...

Haohmaru Comes to SoulCalibur VI On March 31st

Haohmaru Comes to SoulCalibur VI On March 31st

Bandai Namco Entertainment revealed that Samurai Shodown’s Haohmaru is coming to fighting SoulCalibur VI on March 31st. Check out the launch trailer above to see some of his signature moves! Hao...

Rebel Cops - Pre-Order on iOS & Pre-Register on Android

Rebel Cops – Pre-Order on iOS & Pre-Register on Android

Weappy Studio’s mobile tactical game Rebel Cops, a spin-off of This is the Police! series, can be pre-ordered in AppStore for iOS devices. Owners of Android devices can pre-register in Google Pl...


STATIONflow Pulls Into PC During April

STATIONflow, a brand new title from DMM games is about to change your morning commute forever when it arrives on Cp on 15 April. Miss the morning commute? Can’t wait to get up close and personal with ...

my friend pedro ps4

My Friend Pedro Takes Aim At PS4 Next Week

My Friend Pedro, the outrageous killing spree from Devolver Digital, is coming to the PlayStation 4 next week. The rather fruity side-scrolling slaughter fest that is My Friend Pedro received an outst...

no straight roads release date

No Straight Roads Strikes Up a PS4 and PC Release Date

No Straight Roads, the rocking new music game from Metronomik, has a release date and a brand new collectors edition for fans of fun. Sold Out and Metronomik has just dropped the release date for the ...

Elite Dangerous Fleet Carriers

Elite Dangerous Fleet Carriers Are Finally Here!

Elite Dangerous Fleet Carriers might sound like a piece of vapourware to many outer space adventurers but they are almost here and hitting beta soon. I can just barely remember the first announcement ...

chinatown detective kickstarter

Chinatown Detective Agency Kickstarter Begins Today

Chinatown Detective Agency, a new mystery that we’ve been excitedly waiting for, has just launched a Kickstarter campaign today. Setting up shop on PC, Chinatown Detective Agency is a globetrotting de...

corepunk Developer Interview

CorePunk Developer Interview & Update

For anybody who was watching the internet back in December might have noticed a brand new MMORPG appear completely out of nowhere. Developer Artificial Core is ready to set the MMO world aflame again ...

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