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crossfire x x019

Crossfire X Xplodes into X019

Remedy Games just placed a massive X in the Copper Box Arena last night as they unveiled new military shooter Crossfire X. Hot off releasing Control, the team at Remedy is getting ready to unleash a v...

Fractured Minds X019

Fractured Minds Brings Mental Health Awareness To X019

Alongside the explosive shooters, Fractured minds celebrated it’s launch during Microsoft’s X019 event in London last night. Brought to life by Bafta Young Game Designer award winner Emily Mitchell, F...

tell me why transgender lead

Dontnod Unveil Tell Me Why With A Transgender Lead

Dontnod, the French indie developer behind titles like Life Is Strange, revealed its latest title at X019 and this narrative adventure looks to be groundbreaking. Unleashed with all the usual fanfare ...

kartrider drift x019

Kartrider: Drift Gets Off The Grid At X019

Kartrider: Drift, the latest installment of the high octane Kartrider game, has just been announced at X019 and you can grab the wheel in the closed beta. Published by eastern giant Nexon, the Kartrik...

of ships & scoundrels

Of Ships & Scoundrels Sets Sail Today

It’s time to hoist the sails and make roger jolly as the swashbuckling strategy, of Ships & Scoundrels, launches on PC today. Set on the high sea of old, this waterborne strategy provides able adm...

Ubisoft Invites Players to Pre-Register for Might & Magic Heroes Era of Chaos Mobile Title

Ubisoft Invites Players to Pre-Register for Might & Magic Heroes: Era of Chaos Mobile Title

Ubisoft invites players to pre-register for Might & Magic Heroes: Era of Chaos and join Queen Catherine Ironfist in restoring the kingdom of Erathia to its previous glory on their iOS and Android ...

Smite Introduces RWBY Skins

Smite Introduces RWBY Skins

Titan Forge Games introduced a new update to MOBA Smite, adding a variety of new skins into the game, including those inspired by RWBY. Aaaalright! Weiss, Blake, Yang, and their fearless leader Ruby h...

Check out Fresh Trailers From G-Star 2019

Check out Fresh Trailers From G-Star 2019

During the G-Star 2019 conference set in Busan, South Korea, the developers from Pearl Abyss were on hand to share the first-ever trailers for their new IP and upcoming titles – PLAN 8, Crimson ...

wasumis dream adventure

Wasumi’s Dream Adventure Begins Kickstarter Campaign

Wasumi’s Dream Adventure has kicked off a crowdfunding campaign to build a new game that will teach players a whole new language. In something a little different, a team of Academics and some notable ...

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