muse dash x groove coaster

Muse Dash x Groove Coaster Bops Into View

Muse Dash, the cute rhythm clash from X.D. Network is set to press play on a crossover event with Japan’s iconic Groove Coaster franchise. Starting tomorrow the new Muse Dash x Groove Coaster collabor...

Hadum’s Realm Black Desert Mobile

Explore The Hadum’s Realm In Black Desert Mobile

Get ready to step into a foreboding new world on the go as Black Desert Mobile opens up the Hadum’s Realm for the first time. Now available as part of the massively successful mobile MMORPG, Black Des...


The Original FarmVille is Heading Off Into the Sunset

Zynga has announced that FarmVille, one of its oldest games, is closing down on December 31st. The company announced that the closure is due, at least in part, due to Facebook ending its support of Fl...

Sports Games

Best Sports Games for Android 2020

With many mobile sports games succumbing to the freemium model, there aren’t many quality titles you can enjoy without pointless upgrades. Fortunately, you still enjoy quality games on betway if you’r...

Idle Games

The Rise In Popularity Of Idle Games

The idle games genre may not be as old as RPG or first-person shooter, but it is quickly gaining popularity that matches most of these types of games. Idle games are easy to play because it doesn̵...

Miscrosoft Updated Xbox App On Android

Microsoft Updated Xbox App On Android

As a part of their vision of a unified Xbox experience across all devices, the developers from Microsoft have released an all-new Xbox app (beta) now available for Android phones and tablets. The app ...

bts fortnite

BTS Dynamite Coming To Fortnite

BTS, the utterly massive Korean Pop group, is set to follow something of a trend, premiering Dynamite, their latest music video, in Fortnite. While some of you might have been a little underwhelmed by...


MOBA Gamers: Here’s a List of Skins Worth Splurging On

MOBAs are hands down the most popular game genre in eSports and competitive online gaming. They’re fun, addicting, and free-to-play, so MOBA developers support themselves by offering cosmetics like ch...

bts universe story trailer

BTS Universe Story Trailer Teases A New Mobile Game For The Army

Netmarble, the publisher that brought BTS World and Lineage 2 Revolution to small screens, has just dropped a trailer for a brand new adventure, BTS Universe Story. Coming to mobiles on iOS and Androi...

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