Author: KD Malen


How the Way We Pay for Games Has Evolved

There was once a time when the gaming marketplace was much more straightforward. Consoles and games were available for a fixed price, with the newest machines and titles commanding the highest amounts...

Nintendo Switch

Must-Have Nintendo Switch Accessories You Need Right Now

One of the most famous game companies in the world is Nintendo, having developed several games and consoles over the years. The Nintendo Switch is a popular game console that people love and enjoy. Th...


Fortnite – How to Get the Burnout Skin

Whilst a lot of players in the popular Battle Royale title prefer to focus on how they are progressing and comparing themselves to the greats with the likes of the Fortnite Tracker, there are others w...


OSRS Combat Guide for F2P Players

For those of you who are out to quest for OSRS gold and glory, there are a few things that you will need to know first. Plus, if you are playing the F2P version of the game, then you might find that g...

Video Games

Most Anticipated 2021 Video Games to Boost Critical Thinking & Reflective Learning Skills

Soft skills are of huge importance in the modern world. If you want to be ambitious, learn fast, beat competitors, and generally succeed in this world, two crucial skills you are always going to need ...

WoW Classic

The Best Tanks in WoW Classic

If you have spent some time hunting WoW Classic gold, grinding through levels, and collecting WoW Classic items, then you will have noticed how the game’s World of Warcraft classes are split into diff...

Improving Gaming

Improving Your Gaming Experience – What You Need to Know

Playing video games can be the favorite pastime ever for many people. There is nothing like the satisfying feeling of coming home from work or school, starting up your computer or console, and then sp...

Retro Games

How To Make Money Selling Retro Games

The video game industry has witnessed a radical change over the years; it has gone through a lot of phases to become what it is right now. Today, gamers get to enjoy HD quality games with amazing anim...

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