Author: KD Malen

What Were 2019’s Most Popular Types of Websites?

Truth be told, the internet is a marvelous place; people and businesses alike got chances to shine and reap the rewards of their popularity and success. It’s a place where people can find anythi...

5 Similarities between Online Casinos and Video Games

As online casinos strive to make their products more engaging to players, they’re incorporating more traits found in the video game industry. It can also be seen that video game publishers and develop...

Gaming Rig

The Rig Pig: Guide for Setting up Your First Gaming Rig

If you are a gaming enthusiast, the chances are that you have heard of other gamers building their gaming rig. The chances are that you have promised yourself to come up with your own, but you don’t k...

Fantasy games

The Most Anticipated Fantasy Games In 2020

There are many exciting releases in the gaming world confirmed and speculated for the coming year, as well as the release of the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5 late on in 2020. Whether you love d...

Word Games

Benefits of Playing Word Games – Top 3 Word Games for Adults

Unlike other types of games that will get you spending time and money for no good reason, word games have a wide range of benefits. Time spent playing word games is time well spent, and this is among ...


How to Celebrate your Relationship with a Gamer

If you are celebrating a special date in your relationship with a gamer, you want a gift they are going to enjoy. As a gamer yourself, you may have some ideas, otherwise it can be challenging to decid...

Video games

5 Best Video Game Remakes You Should Try

Creativity and imagination were always the strongest suits of the gaming industry. Many games never needed amazing graphics to be popular, and enticing gameplay features were enough. An excellent exam...


YouTube to MP3 converter for PC

The Free YouTube to MP3 Converter app allows you to convert video to music and save it on your Windows PC.  YouTube has a lot of premium quality songs uploaded on its platform. From the latest origina...

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