Author: KD Malen


Why Everyone Likes Playing Sims

The number of individuals playing Sims keeps rising every day since the game got launched some two decades ago. The game has kept getting better and better and with improved versions making everyone w...


Is a Gaming Laptop Worth Spending Money On?

There are some people out there who love to spend on gaming equipment, and if you are one of them, you must get ready to spend on a gaming laptop for a perfect gaming experience. But the important que...

Brain Training

Top 10 Brain Games to Play on Android and iOS (2021)

Video Games are mostly considered a fun activity to forget all the stress and relax in everyone’s busy lifestyle. However, these video games are no more just a fun activity. But they can help you lear...

Mobile Game

4 Fantastic Games for Your Smartphone

Today there are many amazing mobile games that impress even serious gamers. We can all agree that mobile gaming is getting better every year, and it offers really high-quality titles. So, it’s s...

Cyberpunk 2077 Is Coming April 2020 - Pre-Orders Open!

What Does a 79% Drop in Cyberpunk 2077 Players Tell Us About Gaming?

It was supposed to be the gaming event of the year – but Cyberpunk 2077 has already hemorrhaged 79% of its player base within one month. The news struck just as reports indicated that Steam coverage w...

Games on the Go

Cool Games to Play on the Go

One of the huge advantages of smartphone evolution is that now you can play games on the go. Of course, it’s not an alien theme, as the old consoles such as the Nintendo Game Boy (okay, now we f...


5 Causes of Lag in Games & Applications

Not many things are as frustrating when it comes to gaming or working on an important project on your computer, and just when you are about to hit a milestone – lag ensures that the process beco...


Professional Review Of Desky Custom Products For Gamers

We work, surf, and play on our computers at home. But gamers, especially professional e-athletes need more than just occasional use of their equipment including all those utilities that come with the ...

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