Author: KD Malen

Must-haves for gamers

How to Date Gamers

Dating is exciting and fun. People love to plan dating activities and find new ways to bring adventure into their lives. Gamers are unique. They already live adventures all the time. It’s import...

Gaming in Education

3 Interesting Study Results: Teachers Need To Use Video Games In Education

Video games, according to the entire adult generation, have a negative impact on children’s and teenagers’ behavior and academic performance. And it can even lead to aggression toward othe...

paid loot boxes

Understanding Loot Boxes in Video Games and Why There are Calls to Regulate this Feature

Online casinos such as Nitro Casino continue to grow and are competing for the number one spot in terms of popularity with video games. The merging of video games and casino games is true, one innovat...

Simpsons Hit and Run

Simpsons Hit and Run Review

The Simpsons feature in more than 25 licensed video games. The majority of those games aren’t very popular, but there are a handful of rather good ones. If you’re looking for a great online game to pl...


Xbox Shutdowns Plaguing Esports Users

There’s nothing better than getting your groove on during an NBA2K22 where you are spinning, shooting, and dunking your way to a dominating victory over whoever had the audacity to challenge you. And ...

Fortnite vs PUBG

Top Video Games by Prize Pool in Esports History

Esports is a business that has seen significant growth each year. This is expected to continue after the pandemic canceled or postponed traditional sporting events and people went online for fun and e...

Tales of ARISE - PlayStation 4 Review

New Gaming Releases for Fall

Gaming brings every gamer a world full of entertainment and enjoyment. There is no doubt about that. With fall practically on the cusp of our front doors, the cosy season has officially begun. What do...


A Beginner’s Guide to Playing Minecraft Multiplayer Like a Pro

In the gaming world, the rise and popularity of Minecraft was a huge surprise. The ease of use and simplicity hooked millions into a process of virtual block building. It is a game where people can mi...

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