Professional Gamers

How to Gain a Competitive Advantage by Copying Professional Gamers

E-sports have become a popular type of competition among the younger generations. Advances in video games technology, digital technology, and the internet have spawned various competitions in video ga...

Xbox One

Essential Things to Consider When Buying Xbox One

So you want to buy an Xbox One but you still have doubts? It’s understandable. We have been waiting for a new Xbox release for over five years, hoping for it to be better than the last one. Well, we a...

Gaming Industry

How Is the Gaming Industry Set to Change Over the Next 10 Years?

In 2020, the way that we play games is drastically different from what we were doing 10 years ago. Games consoles have come a long way over the years and as developers start to incorporate new technol...

Z490 Aorus Ultra G2 Edition

Forget Keyboards. Now we have the Gigabyte Z490 Aorus Ultra G2 Esports Motherboard

Now Your motherboard Can Make It in Esports With The New Gigabyte Z490 Aorus Ultra G2 Edition, just announced today. Gigabyte, the Taiwanese hardware manufacturer, has just unveiled a new motherboard ...


How Does Valorant Ranked Work?

Having launched the closed beta of Valorant not too long ago, Riot Games recently unveiled the Valorant ranking system and competitive games too. Now that it is live anyone with access to the closed b...

Esports 1

Need All eSport Results in One Place? Try Web Scraping!

With the evident advancement of technology, the use of web scraping applications is becoming more pronounced. Admittedly, the world of E-commerce, data science, job boards, marketing & sales, fina...

warzone wednesday

Keem Players Ready For Warzone Wednesday Once Again

Warzone Wednesday is back on Twitch, and it’s about to blow up your Wed.. Monday Night! The hugely popular mid-week Warzone brawl is hosted by Keempark and is back two nights early as pros take ...


The 5 Most-Anticipated Esports Events

It’s a strange world we live in right now with the COVID-19 pandemic impacting lives and events across the globe, but esports seems to be resilient. While some leagues have suffered major changes, it ...

CALL OF DUTY cod uk army esports

UK Army Esports Are A Thing Now

Uk Army esports are apparently getting a boost now as the UK Army might be set to give e-sports an official sport status. A review is currently underway within the UK military that might very well giv...

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