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Legends of Runeterra - Empires of the Ascended Announced

Legends of Runeterra – Empires of the Ascended Announced

The developers from Riot Games have announced a new expansion Empires of the Ascended coming to the card game Legends of Runeterra. When the expansion launches on March 3rd, 2021, as a part of patch 2...

Way Of The Witcher Gwent Expansion artwork

Way Of The Witcher Launches Gwent Expansion

Today, CD Projekt Red has unleashed a new chapter of content for fans of their competitive card game, Gwent. The Way Of the Witcher expansion is here. Players eager to get their card decks out across ...

Cultist Simulator - Nintendo Switch Release Date Revealed

Cultist Simulator – Switch Release Date Revealed

Publisher Playdigious and the developers from Weather Factory have revealed that roguelike Cultist Simulator will be arriving on Nintendo Switch on February 2nd, 2021. Play as a seeker after unholy my...

Playing with Clandestine Cards in The Solitaire Conspiracy

What do you get when you add espionage and intrigue to the ubiquitous game found in nursing homes and every Windows decide known to mankind, then drop it into a carefully crafted, existing science fic...

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Tales of Runeterra Targon - The Vaulted Road Cinematic

Tales of Runeterra: Targon – The Vaulted Road Cinematic

The developers from Riot Games have shared a new cinematic from the Tales of Runeterra series. Called The Vaulted Road, it shows a young Lunari scout escaping captivity with her Solari lover, and the ...

Haxity hands on

We Battle Cyborgs In A Haxity hands On

Locked, loaded, and compiling now, Haxity is a far-future card fighter from indie DeveloperMegapop Games. With its Early Access reveal on Steam, we took a walk on the bad side of the cyber street with...


Gwent to Expand for the 5th Time on June 30th

CD Projekt Red has announced that the fifth expansion for its PC and mobile card game, Gwent, will be released on June 30, 2020. Called Master Mirror, the expansion will add over 70 new cards to the g...

pokemon battle academy

Get Ready For Pokemon Battle Academy On Game Night

Forget your dice, The Pokemon Company has unveiled a brand new play at home adaptation of the long-running Pokemon TCG. The Pokemon Company has just announced a brand new entry in the wildly successfu...

Talisman Banner

Talisman: Digital Edition Nintendo Switch Quick Hit Review

.I was never one to get overly excited about board games. Perhaps I always just preferred the high tech solution in video games? Maybe it’s due to the downtime between turns? It’s a bit ir...

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