Build A Deck And Choose Your Own Path With Arcanium: Rise of Akhan Launch

Arcanium: Rise of Akhan Launch - card battle

Deck Building but with a free form RPG overworld. Get ready to dive into a sumptuous world of magic and technology in Arcanium: Rise of Akhan

Deck builders might be a pretty common catch across the gaming scene, but the newly launched Arcanium: Rise of Akhan has its own take on the established genre. Set in a visually striking fantasy world of anthropomorphic animals, where good, evil, magic, and technology collide, this new adventure gives players plenty of paths to victory and it’s available now over on Steam. Arcanium is the culmination of years of toil from developer Supercombo, Inc and was initially launched into Early Acces during 2020. As of yesterday, this interesting new alternative to the genre staples has moved into version 1.0.

Players picking up the title will find a wonderfully illustrated range f myths and monsters to deal out when jumping into battle. Players will wield heroes, utilizing a wide range of varying mechanics and themes, and allowing each encounter to mix different compositions and combinations of cards. The mix of potential options doesn’t jsut end with the edge of each card. An entire RPG-inspired loot and progresion system give each run the option of adding Artifacts, new Ability cards, cross-character abilities, and consumable items to enhance and personalize any hero’s deck.

Arcanium seems to really lean into the RPG systems with an epic story set across a vast continent. This huge land mass is broken down into several Provinces, each with a unique feel and fleshed out using full-3D procedural maps. As you pick your own path through these, plenty of threats stand between you and the soon to be corpse of Akhan the Calamity.

if that’s not enough, his new version also includes plenty of extra heroes, an arena mode, and more. It might not be quite as free as the Wildfrost demo, but at £19.49 / $24.99 on Steam, it could be worth dealing out some cash for.

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