Author: Ed Orr

For those of you who I’ve not met yet, my name is Ed. After an early indoctrination into PC gaming, years adrift on the unwashed internet, running a successful guild, and testing video games, I turned my hand to writing about them. Now, you will find me squawking across a multitude of sites and even getting to play games now and then

farlight 84

Get Ready To Lock & Load Into Farlight 84

Lilith Games, the team behind AFK Area, just loaded up a trailer for their upcoming action shooter Farlight 84. If you haven’t heard of Farlight 84 don’t be entirely surprised. This brand new look int...

Greedfall Gets a Next-Gen Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 Update

Greedfall Gets a Next-Gen Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 Update

Greedfall, the swashbuckling adventure RPG from Nancon, is set to take the adventure onto Playstation 5 and Xbox Series S | X with a next-gen update. Due to make land when it’s ready, Greedfall will g...


Picklock Breaking Into Nintendo Switch Now

Picklock, a stealth action-adventure all about swindling stuff, is set to steal the show now it’s available on Nintendo Switch. If you’re tired of the daily grind and want to sidestep the rat trace th...

powera fusion pro wireless

PowerA Fusion Pro Wireless Plugs In For PlayStation 4 now

PowerA has just announced that its Fusion Pro Wireless Controller for PlayStation 4 has just hit shelves and this handset might very well be worth grabbing. While many of us are getting a little fixat...

foreclosed trailer

Foreclosed Trailer Surfaces At The Golden Joysticks

Foreclosed is coming. A new trailer for the incoming cyberpunk adventure has just appeared and it gives us all a glimpse of a dangerous dystopia. Anybody who had an opportunity to kick back and watch ...

hyper x fury rgb ram

Hyper X Introduces FURY DDR4 RGB Memory

Hyper X, the gaming arm of Kingston tech, just dropped even more RGB goodness onto the market with the new Hyper X Fury DDR4 RGB edition. While the team at Hyper X might not be entirely new to the ide...

fortnite crew subscription pack outfit

Fortnite Announces A New Monthly Subscription

Fortnite, the battle royale game that seems to be on just about every mobile is ready to creep into your wallet with the announcement of a brand new monthly subscription. Titled, the ‘Fortnite Crew’ s...

hotshot racing big boss bundle dlc

HotShot Racing Has A New Free Big Boss Bundle DLC

HotShot Racing, the awsome retro racing sim from Curve Digital, just got a brand new Big Boss Bundle DLC today, and it’s absolutely free. Getting off the grid on PC and console today, drivers on PC, X...

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