Author: Ed Orr

For those of you who I’ve not met yet, my name is Ed. After an early indoctrination into PC gaming, years adrift on the unwashed internet, running a successful guild, and testing video games, I turned my hand to writing about them. Now, you will find me squawking across a multitude of sites and even getting to play games now and then

atari h0tel

Atari Hotels Are Going To Level Up Your Holiday

The company behind many an early gaming memory has just announced Atari Hotels are coming to America. The video gaming destination of choice for anybody that spent hours crouched in front of a CRT dis...

Torchlight III

Torchlight Frontiers Is Dead Long Live Torchlight III

Torchlight Frontiers is Dead but don’t worry, Perfect World has confirmed that their new MMORPG is returning as a traditional ARPG. In a move that returns to the roots of the Torchlight franchise, dev...

world of tanks update

World of Tanks Update Is Double Trouble

The first World of Tanks Update of 2020 just hit and it’s full of double barrel ammunition. Wargaming’s premier tank battling action game has just received update 1.7.1 and it brings a whole army of n...

vermintide 2 update

Vermintide 2 Update Kicks Down The Door To Drachenfels

A Vermintide 2 Update is about to drag players back to Castle Drachenfels when they next log into the multiplayer adventure. Vermintide 2 is about to extricate itself from the mystical realms of their...

Old School Runescape 2

Runescape Player Loses Human Rights Case

A US court has ruled against a Runespace layer who alleged their human rights were infringed by developer Jagex. The UK based company behind the long running MMORPG Runescape faced a court battle with...

nio 2 gets new trailer

Nioh 2 New Trailer, Screenshots, & DLC Details

Nioh 2 has a new trailer. The sequel to the critically acclaimed RPG from Ninja Theory, has just dropped a ton of new information on the upcoming title. Story Trailer Just yesterday, Ninja Theory rele...

dead by daylight is free

Dead By Daylight is Free This Weekend

Dead By Daylight is free to play on steam this weekend and the spooky 4 versus 1 horror title even has a discount if you want to keep it. For this weekend players who love a bit of a scare outside of ...

last oasis beta

Last Oasis Beta Wants PvP Clans For Combat Testing

Developer Donkey Crew is making a final call for Last Oasis beta testers s they get ready to start up the woodwalkers in Q1 2020. The Polish team behind one of our more anticipated 2020 massive multip...

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