Author: Ed Orr

For those of you who I’ve not met yet, my name is Ed. After an early indoctrination into PC gaming, years adrift on the unwashed internet, running a successful guild, and testing video games, I turned my hand to writing about them. Now, you will find me squawking across a multitude of sites and even getting to play games now and then

Philips Has Unveiled Two New Gaming Headsets

Philips Has Unveiled Two New Gaming Headsets

Philips has unveiled two new gaming headsets, adding the TAGH301BL and TAGH401BL to a hardware lineup that is best known for serving up stunning visuals rather than epic soundscapes. Just yesterday, P...

KonoSuba: Fantastic Days character casting a spell

KonoSuba: Fantastic Days Is Coming To Mobiles In August

Konosuba, the massive hit Isekai anime is coming to mobiles on 19 August with the release of Konosuba: Fantastic Days. Due to arrive on iOS and Android devices simultaneously, the latest adventure in ...

rocket rumble

Rocket Rumble Races For The Stars

High Octane hydrogen fuelled foxes and cats with a case of the hyperspace zoomies are here as Rocket Rumble launches into Steam Early Access. Available now over on the game’s official Steam Store, Roc...


Ragnarock Review! Silly Sounding Fun

Grab your horns, board your longboat, and by Thor, you will bang some drums. Ragnarock launch last month on Steam VR and Oculus and I finally joined a raid to try out this Viking metal rhythm title. B...

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where the water tastes like wine screenshot of skeleton walking down a dark road

Where The Water Tastes Like Wine Physical Edition Physical Edition Is Out Now

PM Studios has launched a brand new physical edition of Where The Water Tastes Like Wine for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 platforms today. Whether you’re preparing to get back outside into the re...

Plus9 Adds Ebi-hime

Plus9 Adds Ebi-hime Partnership And New Visual Novels

PLus9, the new Otaku styled game storefront, has announced a tie in with visual novel publisher Ebi-hime. For those of you still looking for a best girl among the vast array of anime-themed icons in t...

maplestory m third anniversary

MapleStory M Third Anniversary Adds A Massive Update

MapleStory M, the free to play mobile MMO from Nexon, is loading a huge new update as part of its third anniversary celebrations. After launching back in 2018, this mobile MMO based on the hugely succ...

behind the frame

Behind The Frame Pens In A Release Date

Pre Order and Pre Registrations are live now for the Ghibli-esque adventure, Behind The Frame. During last week’s Dreamhack Beyond Showcase, Silver Lining Studio and co-publisher Akupara Games reveale...

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