Author: Ed Orr

For those of you who I’ve not met yet, my name is Ed. After an early indoctrination into PC gaming, years adrift on the unwashed internet, running a successful guild, and testing video games, I turned my hand to writing about them. Now, you will find me squawking across a multitude of sites and even getting to play games now and then

master of orion free

Master Of Orion Is Free For World Of Tanks players

Master of Orion, a massive 4X strategy title from NGD Studios, is free for World of Tanks players and you’ll just have to blow something up to get it. Wargaming, the studio behind the online tank titl...

xcloud europe

Project xCloud Preview Is Coming To Europe

Project xCloud, the online game streaming service from Microsoft is about to arrive in Europe, hitting 11 new countries. Due to arrive in Android customers in Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, German...

Google Stadia Is Not a Free Netflix For Games

Google Stadia Pro Goes Free For Two Months

Google, the internet technology giant, just kicked an offer to give gamers two free months of free Google Stadia Pro. Launched back in November 2019 and received with varying levels of fanfare, Google...

maingear liv

MainGear Reveal The LIV Ventilator

Maingear is probably better known for its top tier custom gaming kit but today the manufacturer unveiled the LIV ventilator, an entirely different type of rig. While the COVID-19 pandemic has swept it...

journey to the savage planet hot garbage dlc

Journey To The Savage Planet DLC Is Hot Garbage

Hot Garbage, the new Journey To The Savage Planet DLC is coming next week and explorers can grab this update as it lands on PC and Console. Slated for Xbox One and PC arrival on 15 April, the Hot garb...

tidal shock

Dive Into Tidal Shock This April

Tidal Shock, a brand new experience from Moonray studios, is about to plunge into the depths as this arena shooter enters the ocean on 20 April. We’ve managed to run, fly, and drive our way thro...

final fantasy xiv save the queen

Final Fantasy XIV Saves The Queen Today

Players of Massive MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV get a brand new patch today and the opportunity to Save the Queen. As part of update 5.25 for Square Enix’s online multiplayer title, gamers in the realms o...

company of heroes mobile

Company Of Heroes Is Coming To iPhone and Android

Company of Heroes, the World War 2 strategy game, is about to open up a new front as it arrives on iPhone and Android this year. While we don’t have a definitive date set for this new campaign, Feral ...

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