Author: Ed Orr

For those of you who I’ve not met yet, my name is Ed. After an early indoctrination into PC gaming, years adrift on the unwashed internet, running a successful guild, and testing video games, I turned my hand to writing about them. Now, you will find me squawking across a multitude of sites and even getting to play games now and then

RUnefest 2019

Return To a Land Out Of Time At Runefest 2019

Runefest 2019 is about to return and this year things are going Prehistoric in this Land Out Of Time, and no we don’t mean Farnborough! Once again Jagex and crew will bring Runescape and its army of M...

super mech champions

Super Mecha Champions Launches in July And It Looks Gun-DAM fun!

Super Mecha Champions is about to mech you take another look at the battle royale genre. In July, Netease is taking the average PUBG participant and flushing them through an anime transformation seque...

Head:Set X Pro

Snakebyte Head:Set X Pro Review

The Snakebyte Head:Set X Pro is one of the latest peripherals to come out of German gaming manufacturer Snakebyte. This brand new headset attempts to bring a pair of quality cans to Xbox One owners th...

8 Great

Horace Launch Brings Old School British Humor To Steam

Pixel platformer Horace has just launched on Steam and it seems that anybody with a love of unassuming heroes and retro gaming might find something in this adventure. Games inspired by our memories of...

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw Set For Epic Launch Next Month

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw is all set for launch, while we’re busy celebrating man’s mission to the moon this space adventure has set a course for your PC in August. Landing on the Epic store as yet another ...

roguelike hero

Roguelike Hero Is A Casting Call For Wannabe Heroes

Ever feel like you’re fighting for that perfect position? Then you’ll know the plight of X.D’s latest hero as they unveil a trailer for off the wall adventure Roguelike Hero. This slapstick action com...

Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark

Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark Turns To Nintendo Switch in August

Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark might just be out but publisher 1C Entertainment has announced that this turn-based tactical title has plans for the Nintendo Switch. Developed by the talented team at 6 Eyes...

not tonight

Not Tonight Makes A Fully Managed Move To Nintendo Switch

Not Tonight: Take Back Control Edition is about to make a move over to Nintendo Switch. Publisher, No More Robots is giving you back control to take this anti-Brexit management sim come RPG wherever y...

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