Our Review of Sundered: Eldritch Edition on Nintendo Switch

Be careful the deals you make in the darkness; you can never fully know just who or what you are dealing with… or what their offers will truly cost you.   This is the overarching theme of the haunting...

9 Amazing
The Messenger

The Messenger Update Adds Game+ Mode

Ninjas are not to be messed with, especially when they come in the form of Devolver Digital’s very own retro demon slayer. Now The Messenger is adding a whole new technique to its arsenal with a brand...

La Mulana 2 See Console Release and a Physical Edition

After finding success on Steam, La Mulana 2 finds its way to Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.  Check out the trailer here: La Mulana 2 is a Metroidvania style game follows a long list of ...

Chasm Comes to Nintendo Switch

Back in July 2018, Bit Kid launched Chasm, an indie adventure that throws players into their first mission on behalf of the Guildean Kingdom. Now, you can crawl into this adventure again when it launc...

Our Review of La-Mulana 2

For Metroidvania game lovers, this is a great time to be alive! In 2018 alone, we have seen several solid contenders in the genre such as Iconoclasts, Guacamelee 2, and Dead Cells – to name a fe...

7 Good
Dead Cells Switch Review

Our Dead Cells Review for Nintendo Switch

Usually, I would begin a review like this with some type of personal anecdote that would connect my forthcoming thoughts or experiences with a game. Today, I won’t sugar coat it or waste your time: I ...

10 Perfect
Dead Cells Official Release

Dead Cells Official Release Date is August 7th

The Dead Cells official release date has been announced. According to a recent PlayStation blog post by Twin Motion producer Steve Filby, Dead Cells will release August 7th. Already available on GoG a...

Dead Cells Baguette Update

Motion Twin’s Dead Cells Full Launch August 2018

Motion Twin has announced their action platformer Dead Cells will leave Steam Early Access and launch to full release in August 2018.  Announced for a 2018 release earlier this year, Dead Cells has ju...

A Robot Named Fight

Our Review for A Robot Named Fight

I cannot state enough how much I love a good Metroidvania-style game. Both Super Metroid and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night are among my all-time favorite side-scrolling classics. With that in min...

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