syn tencent cyberpunk fps new

Tencent Unveil Syn, A Cyberpunk FPS for PC and Console

It looks like CD Projekt Red aren’t the only ones with a cyberpunk aesthetic as Tencent unveiled Syn, a cyberpunk open-world shooter for PC and Console. Unveiled at Tennent’s annual conference, held l...

street power football preview

Street Power Football Preview

Street Power Football is about to step inside your front room when it arrives this summer and Gamesapce got an early look at this very different style of soccer before it kicks off on Pc, Playstation ...

ninjala Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

Ninjala and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Team Up

Ninjala, the upcoming bubblegum arena brawler is set to embrace JPOP with an upcoming stream featuring Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. Those of you that managed a few hours in the last beta test of Ninjala’s serve...

ashes of creation 90 minute teaser

Ashes Of Creation Drops 90 Minute Teaser

Intrepid Studios has just dropped a new teaser for upcoming MMORPG Ashes of Creation and it is 90 minutes of 4K exploration. If you’re not particularly busy today then grab a snack and follow the team...

guild wars 2 no quarter preview

ArenaNet Takes No Prisoners In Our Guild Wars 2 No Quarter Preview

Today, The Charr go to war in a last gasp attempt to avert an apocalyptic mistake. The Icebrood Saga is back and we got ahead of the main assault to take a look at the latest instalment of this advent...

Unreal 5 teaser

A First Look At Unreal 5

Unreal 5 is coming and yesterday gamers everywhere got a first look at what the latest step-change in the Unreal engine is capable of. For gamers, and developers, the Unreal engine has long been at th...


Embr Blazes Onto PC During May

Curve Digital is bringing some mighty hot multiplayer action to PC with the launch of Embr on 21 May. Developer Muse Games has confirmed that the firey fun of Embr is due to leap out of Early Access w...


Final Fantasy VII Remake Review In Progress Part 1

Being of the “Boomer” generation my video gaming “career” started way before the original PlayStation (PSOne). Needless to say, 1995’s release of the Playstation in Ameri...

corepunk Developer Interview

CorePunk Developer Interview & Update

For anybody who was watching the internet back in December might have noticed a brand new MMORPG appear completely out of nowhere. Developer Artificial Core is ready to set the MMO world aflame again ...

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