Tencent reveals SYNCED: Off-Planet, a PvPvE experience

Tencent has unveiled its next major title currently in development by NExT Studios, part of the gaming conglomerate. Called SYNCED: Off-Planet, the game is considered a PvPvE experience that pits up t...

DOOM Review

DOOM On The Go: DOOM I, II, and III Switch Review

Confession time, I’m a huge Doom fanboy. It was the second FPS shooter I ever played back when owning a Packard Bell 486 meant you were at the top of the PC gaming food chain. Since those early days, ...

8 Great
Grand Brix Shooter

The Grand Brix Shooter Launches Soon

Publisher Intragames has just announced they are bringing hyper arcade shoot’em up The Grand Brix shooter to Pc and Console gamers this August. Stop Brixing it, hold onto the controller and keep shoot...

Borderlands 3 Arma

Borderlands 3 Gets A Brand New Badass

Borderlands 3 just got a new character and this brawler is set to bring a powerful devastation to anybody who fancies themselves an enemy of the people. Meet Arma. Revealed just a few hours ago, we ca...

Morphies Law: Remorphed

Morphies Law: Remoprhed Drops A Massive Fart on Switch and PC

Indie developer Cosmoscope has let rip, bringing Morphies Law: Remoprhed to Steam. This brand new mass-based shooter is also getting an overhaul on the Nintendo Switch too. A Strange Smell Sometimes, ...

Borderlands 3 Character Trailer - Zane

Borderlands 3 Character Trailer – Zane

2K Games and Gearbox Software have released a new trailer for the upcoming looter-shooter Borderlands 3 to introduce players to one Zane Flynt, “a semi-retired corporate hitman with decades of e...

Overwatch Sigma

Overwatch – Sigma is Now on PTR, More Details Revealed

A couple of days ago Blizzard dropped the Story Origins video for a new Overwatch character #31, Sigma. Now the company has revealed more details about the character as he is joining PTR. Siebren de K...

Overwatch - New Hero 31 Announced, Meet Sigma!

Overwatch – New Hero # 31 Announced, Meet Sigma!

Remember when the last week Overwatch’s Jeff Kaplan told players that the Summer Games 2019 are coming earlier than expected? The event is already up and running. In the same video, Kaplan also ...

Plants vs Zombies

Plants vs Zombies shooter revealed & headed for alpha

It appears that Plants vs Zombies is…growing…in a whole new direction. Reddit is afire with news that many console players are receiving invites to an early-August playtest for a “Pv...

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