orange cast is out now screenshot

Orange Cast Launches On Steam Today

Orange Cast, a sci-fi themed RPG with more than a little Mass Effect in its veins, is shooting for the stars as it arrives on PC today. Developed by Russian indie outfit Team Rez and brought to PC by ...

Overwatch - Tracer: London Calling Issue 4 Available Now

Overwatch – Tracer: London Calling Issue 4 Available Now

The developers from Blizzard continue expanding and detailing the story behind team-based competitive shooter Overwatch. The team invites players to follow the adventures of ex-pilot Lena Oxton aka Tr...

TGA 2020 - Returnal Gameplay Reveal Trailer

Returnal Shares Combat Trailer

The developers of the upcoming time-warping third-person shooter Returnal have shared a new trailer to give players a glimpse at the combat system, upgradeable weapons, otherworldly tools and risky bu...

Win A Copy Of Dreadstar screenshot with text

Win A Copy Of Dreadstar: The Quest For Revenge

Win a copy of Dreadstar, the space based shooter from Augmented Irreality that’s perfect for retro shooter fans, in our latest competition. Set far in the future, or sometime in the past depending on ...


Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War Review

First-person shooters are a dime a dozen lately but there is one series that I always have fun playing. With great story campaigns, mostly good multiplayer, and awesome zombies maps. That’s right I am...

8.5 Great
OVerwatch The Kanezaka Challenge

Overwatch Begin The Kanezaka Challenge

Following on from a recent map reveal, Overwatch just got a new competitive challenge called the Kanezaka Challenge. Hanzo mains are in for a bit of a treat for the next few weeks as it seems Blizzard...

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Officially Announced on N7 Day 2020

[Rumor] Mass Effect Legendary Edition Might Be Launching March 12

Mass Effect Legendary Edition (also known as the Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster) has been officially announced during the N7 Day 2020 and slated for the Spring 2021 release window. Hawk-eyed Twitter use...

Valorant - Episode 2 Cinematic 'Retake' Featuring Yoru Gameplay

Valorant – Episode 2 Cinematic ‘Retake’ Featuring Yoru

The developers from Riot Games have shared a new Valorant cinematic trailer titled ‘Retake’. It features a number of characters including Phoenix, Jett, Viper and the newcomer Yoru. Valora...

CoD: Black Ops Cold War - Mid-Season Update Brings More MP & Zombies Content

CoD: Black Ops Cold War – Mid-Season Update Brings More MP & Zombies Content

Next week the developers from Treyarch will kick off a massive mid-season update for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, introducing new content to Multiplayer and Zombies. The mid-Season update begins ...

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