Arcade retroracer Horizon Chase Turbo releases on Switch and XB1 with new features

Press Release – Arcade retroracer Horizon Chase Turbo releases on Switch and XB1 with new features

The owners of Nintendo’s hybrid console and Xbox One entertainment system can dive right into the arcade retroracer Horizon Chase Turbo and be among the first to enjoy exclusive content and the ...

Quarter Arcades Pac-man Cabinet

Hands-On with a High-End Pac-Man Replica

It’s not every day that I get my hands on a slice of good-quality nostalgia. Older gamers like myself will be familiar with this bright yellow Pac-Man cabinet, but this is a retro build that’s more au...

Mutant Football League Dynasty Edition

Mutant Football League Dynasty Edition Is Now Available [Press Release]

While certain professional football leagues are toning down hits and physical play, Mutant Football League is turning up the brutality even further with the release of the new Dynasty Edition, availab...


Hamsterdam – Paws of Justice Kickstarter Campaign

If having Hammond did not scratch the battle hamster itch for you… Look no further! Muse Games, the creators of Guns of Icarus, brought its new project to Kickstarter: arcade brawler Hamsterdam....


Russian Subway Dogs Review: Barking Mad

It’s a dog’s life, scavenging for scraps on the Moscow Metro. Taking diktats from the Proletaricat, juggling vodkas and torching the competition, just to earn a few bones. Maybe you get lucky and boar...

8 Great

Tempest 4000 Review – Storms of Yesteryear

In the quickly evolving world of video games, it is sometimes necessary to look behind us to gauge just exactly how far we’ve come and to rediscover the value of what’s been left behind. Among the man...

6.5 Fair

The Crew 2 – Cruisin’ for a bruisin’

You race your way through the air, you are doing a barrel roll and showing off as you race another plane through the finish line. The hair on your head would be whipping back and forth from the wind i...

8.5 Great

Disco Dodgeball Review

Dodgeball is nothing new to a lot of us. We’ve played it growing up in schools, on playgrounds, in vacant lots around the corner from our house. Disco Dodgeball Remix brings that fun to the PS4 ...

8.5 Great
NBA Playgrounds 2

NBA Playgrounds 2 Releasing later this year

Saber Interactive has announced that NBA Playgrounds 2, the follow up to the original 2017 title will be launching on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Windows PC later this year. The game ...

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