Schiit: Hel 2

Upgrade Your Audio game With The Shiit: Hel 2

Audio hardware experts Schiit just announced a brand new desktop upgrade for your gaming sessions, the Schiit: Hel 2. Available right now, the Schiit: Hel 2 is the follow up to the original Schiit: He...

Can Your PC Run Resident Evil Village

Can Your PC Run Resident Evil Village?

Capcom has released the hardware requirements for it’s latest survival horror, so you check out if your PC can run Resident Evil Village. Dropped over on the official Steam Store entry, Capcom has con...

vzr model one

The VZR Model One Announced But Does It Go Up to 11?

VZR, a brand new audiophile startup from a veteran team of engineers, just announced the VZR Model One last night but with a name like that we’re not even sure what to expect. Thankfully, the big reve...

PC Gaming

How To Build A Budget Gaming System

If you are reading this, then you are probably considering building your gaming system from scratch. Yes, it’s possible, and so many people do it today. You don’t need any special skills to buil...

MMO Gaming Mouse

How to Choose a Mouse for MMO Gaming?

There is so much variety available in the market when you’re looking for the best MMO gaming mouse. Although every gaming mouse has the same primary function, there are some variations from one model ...

MOGA XP5-X Plus cloud conroller shot

PowerA Launch the MOGA XP5-X Plus Bluetooth Controller

PowerA has just launched the new MOGA XP5-X Plus Bluetooth Controller, but will it take your mobile gaming to a new destination? After just launching the PowerA Fusion Pro Wireless, the team behind a ...

APC By Schneider Electric UPS Is Out To Save Your Game

Schneider Electric has announced that it is launching a new APC branded Uninterruptable Power Supply to save your game from unexpected electric disaster. With a swathe of summer storms heading across ...

Building a PC

What You Need to Know If You’re New to PC Building

People who have mastered the art of PC building will surprise you when you tell them to either select a sophisticated laptop or a desktop computer. They find the activity thrilling because it improves...

Venom Travel Kit for Xbox One Review

Venom Travel Kit for Xbox One Review

Mobile gaming has evolved of late and as it grows beyond the constraints of tapping, a new market for on the go peripherals has emerged. We got our hands one Venom’s latest addition to your daily comm...

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