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Stress Management

How Can Videogames Help You Release Stress?

Is stress making you feel more strained than usual? You’re not alone. According to scientific studies, more than half of Americans experience cognitive fatigue due to stress and anxiety. It can lead t...

Games of Chance

Exploring the rocky relationship between video games and games of chance

Games of chance have had an increasingly prominent role to play in the recent history of AAA gaming. We’ve seen developers adopt a lenient approach when introducing elements of gambling to our favorit...


WTFBBQ: Solo Vs. Group Play (in MMOs)

Welcome to a new weekly edition of WTFBBQ-where we talk about the stuff that makes forums explode, but ends up just being a bunch of people venting their egos and piling more gasoline on an already fl...

Gaming Consoles

The Best Video Game Consoles of All Time

Every five years or so, fans of video games experience new levels of excitement, thanks to brand new generations of consoles. Given, gaming is a lot more different from music and movies in the sense t...


Cooking Video Games that Will Teach You How to Cook

If you are looking to learn how to cook, check out these cooking games online that will teach you how to cook and increase your culinary knowledge. These games can be played on all major platforms, in...


Top 4 eSports video games that people love to bet on

eSports games, as well as the betting activity around them, have both witnessed exponential rise over the past few years. The growth and popularity of this industry have been such that millions of dol...

Video Games

Video Game Best-Sellers: Does This Aspect Really Matter In 2019?

Due to live streaming platforms like Twitch, video games are more accessible than ever. Even more, big gaming companies invest heavily in global events and e-sports trying to make their products as po...

UK Charts Fire Emblem

UK Video Games Chart Heat Up With Fire Emblem

It’s an unexpected line up for the UK Video game charts this week as Nintendo pul something of a coup against the rest of the field. While things were looking decidedly good for Nintendo over the last...

UK Gaming Chart MARIO MAKER 2

Mario Makes An Incredible Entry In UK Charts

It’s probably no surprise to Nintendo fans everywhere that Mario is has dominated UK sales this week as Mario Maker 2 takes the top spot in the UK video game charts. In its first week, Mario Maker 2 h...

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