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What Video Games & Casino Games Have in Common?

Video games and gambling: Are they just alike? It’s a question that may seem unexpected, but the answer is Yes. Perhaps not in a direct way, but there still are many similarities between these t...


How Gamers Make Money from Streaming

You’ve likely heard of the growing number of “millionaire millennials”, a wave of internet-savvy youngsters earning money from streaming games and influencing social media. Older generations are rathe...

Indoor Gaming

6 Indoor Activities That Will Blow Your Mind

Spending time indoors does not have to be boring, in fact, it can be quite far from that. We are all, at the moment, spending a considerable amount of time indoors, far more than we might have done in...

Gaming Ads

How Harmful to the Industry are Misleading Gaming Ads?

One of the most universal experiences when mobile gaming is the ad that you will inevitably have to view. This could be a video you’re forced to watch, your eyes on the countdown clock until you can p...

Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider, Hitman, & Call of Duty: How Video Games Influence Casinos

When the entertainment industry knows what’s good, it hangs on to it. Massive, multimillion-dollar franchises have been created that span books, TV, video games, and movies. For example, Tomb Raider s...

Gaming Headset

5 Benefits Of Getting A Gaming Headset

A gaming headset will make your gaming experience truly stand out, whether you love to play Overwatch or The Sims. This type of headset is a must-have if you want to enjoy immersive gameplay in an adv...

Video Games

The Most Notable Video Games of the Last 10 Years: A Retrospective

Quarantine has paved a way for game developers to refine and enrich the myriad of elements as more and more people have sought solace in gaming. The game industry has especially seen a boost in the ga...

With the Sheer Amount of Games Out There How Can You Choose What to Play?

Gamers are so spoilt for choice that it would be impossible to play every game out there. With new titles hitting the online stores every day, it would take more than one lifetime to complete them all...


Gaming Industry Value Rises Due to Microtransactions

How often do you make in-game purchases for weapons, skins, maps, or tactical tips? It could be several times in each game if you are an avid gamer. These microtransactions have raised heated debates ...

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