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Gaming Equipment

The Social Impact of Video Gaming

Over the years, there have been several concerns over video games and their social effects on children. These concerns are legitimate considering that these games impact the real-life social interacti...

Gaming Skills

How Your Gaming Skills Can Level You Up to Land that Job

Video games have been in high demand since the first console — the Magnavox Odyssey — was released in 1972. Since then, games have largely been seen as either recreation or a waste of time. However, r...

Dating Video Games

Dating Sim Games That Players Will Fall in Love With

Video games are a wonderful form of media that allows people to live out many fantasies from their lives. Among them is the chance to date people, develop relationships, and grow together. We’re going...

Mobile Games

Most Anticipated Mobile Games in 2022

Ever since its emergence in the mid-1990s, when we would spend hours playing Snake on tiny little green screens, mobile gaming went on to become a powerhouse within the video game industry, with a mar...

The Game Awards

Here Are All of the Nominees for The Game Awards 2021

The Game Awards will be taking place on Thursday, December 9, 2021 and the nominees for this year’s awards have been revealed. Deathloop and Ratchet and Clank have surprised some in the industry...

eSports 2

The Best Way to Play Online With Your Friends for Money

Online games opened up a world of possibilities. Nowadays you can play games online with your friends and basically create a second virtual life using these digital avatars. However, these games can b...

Indie Video Games

How Love for Games Connects LGBT Couples

Video games are more than a form of entertainment. When you meet a fellow gamer, it’s a sign that they enjoy solitude, can engage in teamwork, and can set aside the stress of life and just enjoy thems...


How to Optimize Your Gaming Experience

Gaming is a massive industry. Of course, it always has been, but recently with lockdown, it has gained more popularity. Let’s look at some tips on how to have the optimal gaming experience. Set up you...

Movie slot

Best Movie-Based Video Slots

Many people have become accustomed to gambling online due to the different themes to choose from. The popular themes are the movie-themed video slots available to play online for free. Players can win...

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