corpse party

Corpse Party Resurrected On PC and Console

The cult classic horror Corpse Party is being brought back for a new school year on PC and Consoles right now. XSEED Games is bringing back Corpse Party in North America for a 2021 school year and you...

Farm Your Jellies As Alchemic Cutie Launches on Xbox

Farm Your Jellies As Alchemic Cutie Launches on Xbox

Get ready to grab your pitchforks and farm some jellies as monster farming RPG with a twist, Alchemic Cutie, launches on Xbox Series S|X and Xbox One. Alchemic Cutie a very different type of farming s...

Eastward Review

Eastward Review

Eastward is out now and our review of this charming RPG might very well find you picking up a classic. Legend of Zelda was never a game I knew I needed to play. It sort of just fell into my lap thanks...

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super arcade football

Super Arcade Football Kicks Off For Real

Super Arcade Football, a new take on classic 2D soccer sims, shot out of early access for a full launch yesterday. Super Arcade Simulator is a love letter to top-down sporting sims of yesteryear. It m...

Zool Redimensioned

Zool Redimensioned Brings back Zool Today

The Ninja of the Nth dimension is back today as Secret Mode release Zool Redimensioned. Originally released way back in 1992 using a custom C++ game engine, Zool hit home computers and gathered someth...

project warlock 2 kickstarter screenshot shooting zombies

Project Warlock 2 Kickstarter Is Live

Project Warlock 2, the follow up to an FPS with its own magical twist, now has a Kickstarter Campaign. Remember when we flagged the upcoming dark magic FPS from indie studio Buckshot Software, well Pr...

project warlock II

Project Warlock II Won’t Launch Kickstarter Until Summer 2021

Buckshot Software has confirmed that Project Warlock II, the bullet casting sequel to the first Project Warlock, won’t hit Kickstarter until August 2021. The announcement that an upcoming round of cro...


RFM IS A Stylish Sounding Tactical Roguelike Coming To PC And Console

Indie developer Bromio has just unveiled RFM, a cool looking new tactical roguelike with a killer soundtrack that will land on PC and Console next year. Despite the initial wave of big-budget showcase...

Game Room

7 Tips For Setting Up A Retro Game Room

Retro gaming involves collecting old games and setting up a gaming room to create a classic vibe in houses. This is usually a favorite for classic gamers who want to relive some old gaming times or ne...

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