Heroes and Generals

How to Get Gold in Heroes and Generals

Heroes and Generals is a strategic free-to-play online game that transfers you to World World II where Germany, the Soviet Union, and the United States fight against each other to win. The game offers...

Classic Video Games

Long-lasting Games that Only Get Better Online

Over time, there have been a handful of games that have really stuck with us culturally. Some of the old classics still get played all the time to this day. They just won’t disappear! It’s hard to say...

DNF Duel Showed Off Practice Mode

DNF Duel Showed Off Practice Mode

Following the highlight of the Story Mode in a short teaser, the developers of the upcoming fighting DNF Duel have decided to show off the practice mode with a new video you can find above. Players ca...

MLB The Show 22

MLB the Show 22 Issues

MLB the Show 22 certainly had a few glaring issues, with most of them being the freeze off’s and server issues. People were hoping that this was going to be the best game that MLB The Show has put out...

IT Support for Gamers

Useful Tips For Gaming Communities On Getting Proper IT Support

We all have our guilty pleasures, and some have been with us since our childhood! Gaming is certainly popular and only gets better as you get older. Online gaming is increasingly becoming popular sinc...

eSports 1

Seven Most Popular E-sport Games

An e-sport is a video game played by two or more people or teams on the internet. They tend to be very competitive. There are also spectators watching the game online during the video game. At the sam...

MLB The Show 22

MLB The Show Is Up Next For Esports

MLB The Show 21 saw an interesting new way of Esports for the MLB community. After their events were originally run by ESL, the developers at MLB and San Diego Studios decided that they were going to ...


A Beginners Guide to the Esports Industry

Over the years, esports has been growing, and we’ve witnessed a revolution with many people now making a lot of money from playing professionally and promoting the event. There are different areas to ...

Spring Into Action With The Leap Public Beta This Weekend

Leap Early Access Lands In Early Access During June

Leap, the sci-fi themed squad shooter from Blue Isle Studios is about to jump headlong into action as the squad based sci-fi shooter kicks off Early Access on 1 June. After opening up the doors for a ...

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