You Should Check Out Majesty 2

You Should Check Out Majesty 2

It is no secret that I love strategy games. I love real-time strategies, will never say no to a turn-based one but most of all I like games that manage to figure out a new twist on the genre – the lik...

Stronghold Warlords - 15 Minutes of Gameplay From RPS

Stronghold Warlords – 15 Minutes of Gameplay From RPS

Rock Paper Shotgun Youtube Channel shared 15 minutes long footage of Stronghold Warlords gameplay, demonstrating the game’s innovative Warlords system that allows you to recruit, upgrade, and co...

Fishing: Barents Sea

Fishing: Barents Sea setting sail for consoles in December

Fans of angling will be happy to hear that Fishing: Barents Sea will be setting sail for consoles on December 11th. The game comes with all of the content released for PC and is considered the “...

Stardew Valley Development Blog Promises New Content

Stardew Valley Development Blog – Update 1.4

The developers of popular sim Stardew Valley have published a new development blog on the official site of the game to let players know of the content updates coming into the game in the near future. ...

Crossroads Inn Review

Crossroads Inn Review

Ever since I first set my foot into Sims: Medieval, I have wanted more medieval-fantasy oriented simulators/management games to fill that very specific niche. There is a variety of castle-building sim...

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mad games tycoon

Mad Games Tycoon Goes Live This November

We talk a good game here at Gamespace but maybe it’s time we tried to do it better. Come November 12, Toplitz’s Mad game Tycoon will give us the chance. Launching on Xbox One, PC, Playstation 4, and N...

Construction Simulator 2 switch

Construction Simulator 2 US Builds Up To Nintendo Switch Release

Get in gear, start your engines and take Construction Simulator 2 on the go as Astragon Entertainment confirm that Construction Simulator is coming to Nintendo Switch on 6 November. For fans of constr...

mountain rescue simulator

Winter Is Coming and Mountain Rescue Simulator is Here To Save You.

Mountain Rescue Simulator is set to save you from the latest cold snap that is incoming. Stay in, get on the piste, and get ready to save some lives on PlayStation 4 and PC now. In one of the more unu...

Planet Zoo

Planet Zoo: Closed Beta Preview

Have you heard of Planet Coaster? I have been so close to investing in that theme park sim so many times but the sheer size and detail of it is pretty intimidating since its launch in 2016 making me s...

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