The Elder Scrolls Legends The Fall of the Dark Brotherhood Review

The Fall of the Dark Brotherhood is the first expansion for The Elder Scrolls: Legends. Not sure what TES: Legends is? Let’s talk about that a little before we dig into The Fall of the Dark Brotherhood. This is our Fall of the Dark Brotherhood review.

TES: Legends is Bethesda’s take on an online Card Collecting Game set in the Elder Scrolls universe. Yes, I know what you’re thinking, another CCG. But make sure to take some time and give this one a try, it does some rather fun things and is a solid game.

First off instead of classes Legends uses the various races of the Elder Scrolls universe, Imperial, Khajit, Redguard, etc. Depending on what race you play as then you get specific types of cards when you level. Leading to different playstyles depending on how you setup your deck.

Legends has the various modes that you have come to expect from an online CCG. Daily quests, casual play, ranked play, practice and arena play. But there’s more as well. You can choose to play Arena mode solo or versus (costing you 150 gold or an event ticket), sometimes there are special arena modes as well and there is a story mode.

The story mode I feel is where Legends shines, not that the rest of the game isn’t well done;l because it is. The story mode in Legends well takes you anywhere from 5-7 hours of gameplay depending your skill level. Throughout the story, you will unlock five different starter decks that will introduce to you to the various types of cards in the game as well as the mechanics of the game. Once you’re done with the story, you can replay it, but it will only net you more XP for levels.After Act 1, Chapter 8 is when you unlock the 2nd starter deck (Black Marsh Smugglers), practice, play modes and daily quests.

Legends games usually involve each player having 30 health, a left lane and a right lane. Generally with one lane being “normal” and the other usually being a shadow lane (cards played here, can not act or be acted upon for a round, essentially staying in the shadows waiting to strike). There are variations on this throughout the story as well as special circumstances in the Arena, like a bar fight where a bottle gets thrown doing 1 damage to a random target each round. You start with three cards and get to mulligan as you see fit. The player that goes second gets a ring of magicka that they can use three separate times to increase their max magicka for a round. Each player has runes surrounding their portrait, five in total. Each time you lose five health, you lose one of your runes. This also has the effect of drawing a card from your deck; if the card is marked as a Prophecy card, than you can play it instantly without worrying about Magicka costs.Last player standing wins.

Legends has a store that you can spend real money on buying cards, event tickets, special promotions, etc.  As well as being able to use in game gold to buy cards as well. Oh and you can buy the new expansion there as well…

Ok, so that’s TES: Legends. Ready to hear about The Fall of the Dark Brotherhood?

You can purchase all three Acts for the Dark Brotherhood from the in game store either separately for $8.00 USD each or 1,000 in game gold or buy it all for $20.00 USD. If you buy it all in one package you also get a Doom Wolf mount for Elder Scrolls Online. The story is played out over 25 chapters which will eventually reward the player with playsets of 40 exclusive cards from the Dark Brotherhood expansion. The story has a normal mode and a master mode for replayability and to get certain titles after you have beaten it the first time. The story could take you upwards of eight hours to complete depending on your skill level.

Those are the facts, now let’s talk about the game itself. Bethesda has greatly expanded on the story mode versus the original Legends story. You have a map and choices or where to go next, not feeling as linear as before. There are matches where you can chose how to play it. Want to kill the assassin to take his job? Everyone deals double damage that match. Opt to talk to him instead, everyone deals half damage. Decide to go undercover to a Ball, time to use someone else’s deck. The story is the selling point of the Brotherhood expansion.. It’s on you the player to help decide the Brotherhood’s fate. Save them or help destroy them. The new cards introduced liven up the game and add more choices to it.

Oh.. and there’s the Doom Wolf Mount you get in Elder Scrolls Online

  • Great non linear story mode.
  • Fun different lane types.
  • Good package price if you also play ESO and want a mount.
  • Great new cards
  • Master story replayability not really worth it
  • May seem pricey to some
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