Steel Rats Review: Platforming Junk

Steel Rats looked like a promisingly unique piece of gaming. A platforming title where you ride a motorcycle everywhere sounded just about as rad and goofy as the best action cartoons that came out of...

4 Poor

Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of DANA Scores Big Numbers

The review numbers say it all: Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of DANA is a huge hit! No less than our own Robin Baird scored the game with a whopping 9/10.  And Bill Murphy scored the Switch version with a stunni...

Moonlighter Review: City of Roguelike

Indie games seem to mostly follow one of two patterns: they either reiterate on an established formula (every Meat Boy platformer out there), or they moosh up a couple of completely different game typ...

9 Amazing

Mutant Football League – Dynasty Edition Review

Mutant Football League is probably one of my all-time favorite 16-bit era games. When I found out that a revitalized version was coming to PC and consoles, I was overjoyed. The blend of arcade sports ...

7 Good

Lego DC Super Villains Review

Lego has been making superhero games for a while based on either the Marvel or DC Universe. This time instead of a hero we get to be the villain. In Lego DC Super Villains we get to run with big bads ...

8.5 Great

Transistor Switch Review

After an announcement, a few days before PAX West that Supergiant Games would bring two of its award-winning games to the Switch, as well as a well-received launch of Bastion, the release of Transisto...

8 Great

Call of Cthulhu Review

Dreams. Dreams show more than you could imagine. Things can get into your dreams and show you your future, your past, talk to you, manipulate you, terrify you, and so much more. Your name is Edward Pr...

8 Great
Pinstripe Review - Nintendo Switch

Pinstripe Review – Nintendo Switch Edition

The Switch is proving to be the place to get some of the best indie games in the world, and that is true once again in the case of Thomas Brush’s Pinstripe – out today on the Nintendo cons...

8.2 Great

Back in Black! Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Review

Call of Duty fans were treated to a new Black Ops on the 12th with a game that Treyarch  claimed would be like no other Call of Duty to date.  Well they were right, Black Ops 4 is both totally differe...

8 Great

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