Fe – Geometrical Platforming Splendor

Last week on GameSpace I introduced many of you to Fe, an action-adventure platformer developed by Zoink and published by EA that I believed could be one of the best games in its sub-genre.  Since then, I’ve spent quite a bit of time traversing the, sometimes abstract, world of Fe.  Is Fe up to the task of becoming one of the greatest premiere platformer titles?  This is our Fe review. Fe – ...[Read More]

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Review

Kingdom Come starts you off on your story in Bohemia, the year 1403.  Emperor Charles IV has died, plunging the kingdom into dark times.  Rife with pillaging, murder, and mayhem, you’re tasked with doing pretty much whatever you like.  Welcome to the Skyrim of the Middle Ages!  While there is a main story, which is estimated to be around 30~50 hours, there are enough sidequests to allot easi...[Read More]

Metal Gear Survive Review in Progress

Metal Gear Survive is not a BAD game. But it didn’t need the Metal Gear name, and it certainly should have avoided common “survive” tropes like eating and drinking. But, if you take away the Metal Gear Solid V story tie-in, what you’re left with is a mediocre zombie game with base building, crafting, and meh combat. So they’re totally banking on the MGS IP, which is a...[Read More]

7 Deadly Sins – Knights of Britannia Review: Is Sin a Win?

For the uninitiated, 7 Deadly Sins is both a manga and an anime bearing the same name as this action dueling title by Bandai Namco, which follows Elizabeth, a princess of the Kingdom of Liones, as she searches for a band of former knights known as the 7 Deadly Sins. Will the game live up to the expectations of the Anime? This is our 7 Deadly Sins – Knights of Britannia review. Let us get the basic...[Read More]

Secret of Mana’s Faithful Return

In case you have been holed up in a biodome with your Y2K survival kit, Square-Enix, beloved bestower of classic RPGs like Chrono Trigger and the Final Fantasy series, announced back in August that it would be remaking one of its mid-90s smash hits, Secret of Mana. We have clamored and we have waited and we have bitterly fought each other over this game these long six months. Now, the advent of Se...[Read More]

Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition Review

Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition is an impressive port of a massive console game to a portable mobile game. This was done by toning down the graphics to be much less realistic and far more animated. Additionally, most of the systems have also been simplified to be more mobile friendly and most of the side quests have been removed. What’s left is a sleek linear story full of interesting characters ...[Read More]

Post Human WAR – A Delightful Indie Strategy

It was the dawn of a new age for mankind, oh wait, mankind is gone now and the Earth as we know it is over. What has been left behind is an army of household robots transformed for war, mutated animals controlled by parasites, and monkeys who have the will to destroy everything not natural in nature. In this turn-based, tactical and psychological strategy game, you must form your army and, try to ...[Read More]

Disc Jam: American Gladiators meets Frisbee meets Tennis

What do you get when two former Call of Duty developers create a competitive sport league? You get something akin air hockey with lasers or tennis with explosions… and I can’t say that I’m mad about that! This is our review of Disc Jam for the Nintendo Switch. Like a number of titles migrating to the Switch’s indie hits parade, Disc Jam had previously been released on PC and PS4 in 2017 with great...[Read More]

Crossing Souls Review

I love games. But rarely do I find a game I truly love. Crossing Souls is one such title, and as a child of the 80s, it may be pandering to my nostalgia and love for pop culture, but I’ll be damned if I didn’t fall for it hook, line, and sinker. Set in 1986 California, but made by Spain-based Fourattic, Crossing Souls is a love letter to the era of Spielberg and Lucas. There are more s...[Read More]

Owlboy Review

Owlboy came out originally in 2016 to absolutely rave reviews. Like many games, it’s now being released on the Nintendo Switch, where it feels right at home and still just as superb. Owlboy follows the tale of Otus, and his friend Geddy, as they fight off vicious pirates attacking the town of Advent.  Otus is one of the Owls, a race of beings that have excelled at science and protect the wor...[Read More]

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Review

Last week, I shared my love of the Final Fantasy franchise, first impressions of DISSIDIA Final Fantasy NT and its mechanics with you here at GameSpace. I am here today to talk more about kickin’ rear and taking famous names in this epic Final Fantasy brawler, but the question remains: Is DISSIDIA worthy of the legacy or will it sink into obscurity? This is our DISSIDIA Final Fantasy NT review. In...[Read More]

Aegis Defenders Review

Aegis Defenders seeks to bring back the Tower Defense to prominence, or at least less eye-rolling, and frankly – it manages that feat. As Bart (dutiful tinkering grandfather) and Clu (adventuring sharpshooting granddaughter), you’ll uncover a mystery that stretches back eons. Of course, this is accidental, as Bart and Clu really just want to make a living and stop having to dig up the ...[Read More]

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