Bethesda Announces that Starfield and Redfall Are Delayed to 2023

Probably to the surprise of no one, Bethesda has announced that both Starfield and Redfall are being delayed to the first half of 2023. Starfield was originally slated to be released in fall 2022 so t...

Exciting Games Coming in 2022

The Most Exciting Games Coming in 2022

After a year of disappointments with several big franchises missing the mark, such as Battlefield 2042, new games came out to massive success like Elden Ring, which was praised by journalists and play...


Bethesda Teases New Starfield Image

Bethesda is determined to keep the Starfield community begging for more by parceling out information about the game one image, one sentence at a time. To emphasize that point, the game’s Twitter...

Starfield 1

What Do We Know About Starfield to Date?

Starfield is one of the most eagerly awaited video games of 2022. We already know that Bethesda Game Studios will release it for the Xbox Series X / S console and Microsoft Windows, but what else do y...

Bandai Namco Shared Elden Ring Gameplay Preview

The Best Upcoming PC Games To Look Forward To In 2022

Video games get better and more sophisticated each year, and in 2022, expectations are going to be blown through the roof. There are some amazing titles on the way, some of which have been in developm...


Check Out 7 Big Minutes of Starfield in a New Featurette

Bethesda is starting to ramp up the hype for its Starfield, its upcoming “Skyrim in space” single-player RPG. Todd Howard and the team have released a seven-minute “featurette”...

What To Play After You Are Done With Mass Effect Legendary Edition

What To Play After You Are Done With Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Great works of art have a peculiar characteristic of making consumers feel immersed, be it books, movies or games. Mass Effect trilogy and its remastered version, Mass Effect Legendary Edition, are su...

The Biggest Games to Come from E3 2021

As E3 starts to come to a close as many of the biggest gaming developers have made their announcements, fans have been met with what looks to be the full roster of releases to round out 2021 and to he...

Details for TESVI Will Be 'Years From Now'

Details for TESVI Will Be ‘Years From Now’

The initial announcement of The Elder Scrolls VI that happened during E3 2018 shook Bethesda’s community no less than silence on the project that followed it. Bethesda revealed barely any detail...

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