Wolfenstein: Youngblood System Requirements Revealed

Wolfenstein: Youngblood System Requirements

Bethesda has updated the Support page to reflect the Wolfenstein: Youngblood system requirements. Check out the specs below to make sure your machine allows for some nazi hunting: Minimum: Requires a ...

Doom Eternal E3

More Doom Eternal E3 Gameplay and Release Date

More Doom Eternal E3 footage hit the internet today. As Bethesda’s E3 press conference blasted onto screens, so did another 4 minutes of hell and a Doom Eternal release date. Unveiled as part of...


Bethesda E3 Presentation 2019

This year’s Bethesda E3 Presentation opened with a thank you to players, developers identifying as gamers, and a montage of the studio’s previously released games. Pete Hines, SVP of global marketing/...

E3 2019 Schedule – Everything You Want To See

Although there have been plenty of pre-event leaks and announcements, the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2019 officially begins today, June 9. The big hitters all have their press conferences Sunday th...

lder Scrolls Online Elsweyr Review

Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr Review

Elder Scrolls Online is a bit like skooma. At first, it was unrefined, jagged, and incomplete like the moon sugar that is the base ingredient. Nevertheless, I still gleefully rolled up a Nirnroot leaf...

8 Great
15+ PC Games That Let You Have a Bit of Romance

15+ PC Games That Let You Have a Bit of Romance

As you go through saving one world or galaxy at a time, have you ever stopped to think: “Man, I wish my character would have a significant other to help them out in this adventure”? Well, worry not: w...

Rage 2 - Official Launch Trailer & Roadmap

Rage 2 – Official Launch Trailer & Roadmap

Rage 2 is almost upon us! Are you ready to jump into a crazy post-apocalyptic world and wreak some havoc? The special launch trailer unleashed by the devs can bring you up to speed. Check it out above...


QuakeCon is Coming for EU and bringing Doom Eternal

Games shows are not always as delightful as we make out, let’s be honest. Hours spent huddled among the masses in a queueing simulator can be hell. Now, QuakeCon is about to bring a new brand of...


Press Release: Bethesda answers, “What is Rage 2?”

Bethesda has pushed out a brand new trailer to answer the burning question, “What is Rage 2?” In it, viewers get a look at the game‘s features ahead of the May 14th release date. Rag...

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