ESO – Take Part in the Thieves Guild Anniversary Spotlight

ESO - Take Part in the Thieves Guild Anniversary Spotlight

The developers of MMORPG The Elder Scrolls Online are not slowing down with the anniversary festivities. Tamriel’s stickiest fingers can claim the Thieves Guild DLC, a special mount, and more during the latest promotion.

Thieves Guild Anniversary Spotlight is a part of the ongoing celebration, kicking off today and lasting for 2 weeks until April 29. Should you earn (or have already earned) the “Pocket Picker” achievement in-game, you can claim the DLC for free from the in-game Crown Store.

In addition to the access to the Hew’s bane zone and the special Skill Line, the DLC owners can also claim the Treasure Hunter Horse mount for free! To do so, you will need to earn the Hew’s Bane Cave Delver achievement, acquired by visiting and defeating the bosses within both explorable caves in the Hew’s Bane zone.

For those who are feeling stabby rather than stealthy, Dark Brotherhood DLC can be acquired from the Crown Store at 20% off.

“During the promotion window (April 15-29), some of the Daily and Weekly Endeavors will feature challenges relevant to both Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood members. For example, a Daily Endeavor may ask you to pick pockets or locks, while another may ask you to use poisons or even the Blade of Woe. Even better, the rewards for these thematic Endeavors will be increased—keep an eye out for them!”

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