STONE – A Mature Adventure Not Worth Taking?

You wake up in your flat, and your mate is missing. Suddenly there is a phone call, and you have no idea who it could be. The voice on the other end of the line says you won’t see your mate ever again and hangs up. This starts you panicking, and you try to figure out what to do. This is our review of STONE.


Developed and Published by Convict Games, comes an unusual adventure game about a hungover Koala Bear Private Investigator. The basis of the game is that your mate, Alex (Chookie), has gone missing, and you are trying to figure out where he went. You take your turns around your flat trying to find clues about what happened to Alex. The entire place has been trashed and junk is all over the place. You decide that you need to do something about it, however, you stop for a smoke first. Then you can use the bathroom and scare yourself in a mirror.

STONE is a game that is rated mature for a very good reason. There are lots of lines that include mature language, and some references to more adult content no matter how small the nudge. You make some stops at a local bar and have a few drinks, like cocktails or beer. You go all over this town looking for Alex but he is nowhere to be found. Suddenly things are turned upside down when you have something happen to you, and it forces a confrontation with the police. So in the span of a few acts, you go from one low to more lows in this search for Alex.


This game is not one hundred percent polished either. The graphics are cartoony and they don’t use very high-quality materials in their skin making. At times you go into a conversation and it freezes you into a single camera angle and the game doesn’t progress, and this forces you to go to the main menu and re-listen to the same story you just heard. The story in STONE isn’t really that great either. The scripting seems rushed, and there is very little substance to the game. Between dreams that you interact with, talking toasters, and getting bounced by some poms in a club, you really only need to walk with the keyboard WASD keys, press spacebar to smoke, E to interact with the world, or playing good cop or bad cop yay.


Note: Our copy was reviewed on Steam with a code provided by PR.



Overall, I was able to beat this game in less than two hours. There is very little in the way of a story except for being a lonely Koala Bear looking for his mate. He is depressed most of the game and nothing good happens. I don’t feel any personal connection with the characters, and pretty much beat the game just to see what happened. If you want to try this game out here is the steam link, and it will be available soon. Personally, I would never play this again, or any DLC that they may create for it.
  • Easy to learn
  • Very short
  • No personal connection
  • Bright pink load screens hurt your eyes
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