xcloud europe

Project xCloud Preview Is Coming To Europe

Project xCloud, the online game streaming service from Microsoft is about to arrive in Europe, hitting 11 new countries. Due to arrive in Android customers in Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, German...

Stay Home Save Livesv

Stay at Home and Save Lives By playing Xbox Games

Microsoft’s Xbox is allowing players to play games to help the CDC as video game companies start to get on board with the ongoing #stayathome campaign. In a series of moves in both the US and the UK, ...

Human Fall Flat Goes Thermal Today

Human Fall Flat Goes Thermal Today

Human Fall flat, the physics puzzler that plays fast and loose with gravity is about to get a hot update thanks to its player base. Today, Human Fall flat gets an update and it is thanks to one very d...

Blade Runner

Classic Blade Runner coming to modern PCs & consoles

Nightdive Studios and Alcon Entertainment have announced that the 1997 PC classic, Blade Runner, is being remastered for modern PCs and consoles. Originally released in 1997 by Westwood Studios, the g...

xbox digital event e3

Xbox Digital Event Announced as E3 is Cancelled

Microsoft and Xbox have responded to the cancellation of E3, the yearly gameapalooza over in LA, with an Xbox Digital Event/ Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox and all round mouthpiece for team green, too...

sea of thieves heart of fire

Sea Of Thieves Heart of Fire Update is Bananas

Get ready to cast off into the New Heart of Fire update for Sea of Thieves coming to the high seas next week. Sea of Thieves, the pirate-themed MMO from UK developer Rare has just turned two years you...

Lucidsound LS10X

Lucidsound LS10X Advanced Wired Gaming Headset for Xbox One Review

Headsets are a dime a dozen and you can find several different iterations of them from all different companies online and in brick and mortar stores. LucidSound’s newest design to hit shelves tr...

doom eternal trailer

Doom Eternal Trailer Takes On New Enemies

Doom Eternal just dropped a new trailer and it’s crammed full of new enemies to slay. Bethesda just dropped a glorious new trailer for my most anticipated game this year and the second official trail ...

New Year's Resolutions

5 New Year’s Resolutions For The Game Industry

Out with the old, in with the new! That’s what the new year rings in and we’re sure many of us have made personal resolutions or maybe we’re all just a bunch of stubborn gamers who r...

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