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tokyo dark remembrance

Tokyo Dark Remembrance Scaring Up Nintendo Switch In November

If you thought that November meant a release from the spookiest time of year then you were wrong. Horror adventure Tokyo Dark Remembrance is coming to Haunt Nintendo Switch on 7 November. Keeping the ...

the eyes of ara

The Eyes Of Ara Is Out On Nintendo Switch

The Eyes Of Ara invites you to visit a mysterious castle and unravel the mystery that lies within this award-winning puzzle adventure. Developed by Australia’s 100 Stones Interactive, this enigmatic p...

Call of Cthulhu Switch Review

Call of Cthulhu Switch Review

When an opportunity arose for a chance to take a crack at a contemporary vision of Lovecraft’s work in video game form, I had to go for it.  I’ve been a longtime fan of the mythos, which is both a ble...

8.5 Great
override mech city brawl

Override: Mech City Brawl Gets A Mecha Nintendo Switch Port

Override: Mech City Brawl, the robot arena battler from Modus Games, has landed on Nintendo Switch and the mayhem begins today. Taking a towering metal monstrosity on the move has never been easier no...

Dark Devotion

Dark Devotion to launch on October 24th

Lovecraft continues to inform the horror video game genre. On October 24th, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch players will be able to check out the latest interpretation of his work when Dark Devotion...


Blizzard Cancels NYC Overwatch Switch Launch Party

It appears that last weeks’ Hearthstone controversy has spilled over into this week. You may remember that Blitzchung, a professional Hearthstone player, was censured by Blizzard for voicing his...

fortnite season 11

Fortnite Season 11 Trailer Escapes The Black Hole!

Fortnite players might be on a forced hiatus but it looks like black holes leak after all. A trailer has escaped and it looks like we finally have a glimpse of Fortnite Season 11. You might have notic...

fortnite down

Is Fortnite Is Still Down?

Fortnite, the smash hit battle royale brawler from Epic Games, suffered a cataclysmic event last night and it still isn’t back online. For those who missed the action and are trying to log in to get t...

nintendo switch

Nintendo Switch Shifts Over 10 Million Units In Europe

The Nintendo Switch console has managed to sell more than 10 million units in Europe alone according to an announcement by Nintendo Europe. Announced on the Nintendo Europe twitter feed, the Japanese ...

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