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Aragami Shadow Edition – Review

You have been called forth from the darkness to become darkness and vengeance. As a shadow spirit, you have the ability to move through the shadows, jumping from here to there with the ability to assa...

8.5 Great

Rad Rodgers Set For February Switch Release

Slipgate Studios is preparing for the release of their 90s-style action platformer Rad Rodgers to release on Nintendo Switch at the end of February. In can you have missed the trailer, check it out he...

Blazblue: Centralfiction

Blazblue Centralfiction Special Edition out on Nintendo Switch

Blazblue, the iconic 2D fighting series finally got my attention last year when it brought RWBY into battle during Blazblue Cross Tag Battle. Now, it looks like I’ll be back in the arena as Arc System...


PRESS RELEASE: Vivox Enables Console-Based Voice Chat for Nintendo Switch Games

Massachusetts – February 5, 2019 | Vivox is pleased to announce that all authorized Nintendo Switch developers can now utilize the Vivox SDK on the Nintendo Switch system. This allows developers...

Dragon Marked for Death

Dragon: Marked for Death

Announced for the Switch back in the summer Nindies showcase, Dragon: Marked for Death is Into Creates’s latest release. Being known for developing both the Mega Man Zero and Azure Striker Gunvo...

7 Good
Clock Simulator

Ticked Off In Our Clock Simulator Review

The great thing about the Nintendo Switch is the wealth of indie games that have clocked into my morning commute. From procedural platformers to experimental titles, I’ve seen it all. Now, developer K...

4 Poor

Mages of Mystralia Blinks Onto Nintendo Switch

Montreal-based studio Borealys Games brings their highly acclaimed “coming of (m)age” roleplaying game Mages of Mystralia to the Nintendo Switch today. Check out the trailer here: In Mages of Mystrali...

At Sundown

At Sundown Shots in the Dark Switch Review

Indie developer Mind Beast Games has just unleashed a clip full of multiplayer chaos on the Nintendo Switch. Grab a gun, unsheathe your sword, and get ready to flail wildly in the dark as we jump into...

6 Fair
Wargroove Review Switch

Wargroove Review – Nintendo Switch

Wargroove is the perfect game for those thousands of folks who wish Nintendo would get around to making a new Advance Wars. In fact, in pretty much all ways possible, it’s far superior to that c...

9 Amazing

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