Bless Unleashed - Coming to PC via Steam in Early 2021

Bless Unleashed – PlayStation 4 Announcement Trailer

The developers of MMORPG Bless Unleashed have announced that the game is coming to PlayStation 4! The PS4 closed beta begins on August 20th. If you wish to participate in it, you need to sign up on th...

Bless Unleashed - Coming to PC via Steam in Early 2021

Bless Unleashed – Coming to PC via Steam in Early 2021

Neowiz and Round8 Studio have released open-world MMORPG Bless Unleashed on Xbox One in March. Now the publisher and the developer have announced that the game will be heading to PC via Steam in early...

Plebby Quest: The Crusades

Neowiz Launches Plebby Quest: The Crusades

Neowiz has announced that its newest game has officially launched for PC via Steam. Plebby Quest: The Crusades is a turn-based indie strategy game developed by PiepPipers. It is currently available on...


Skul: The Hero Slayer – When It’s Good To Be Bad – First Impressions

We are raised to believe that we need to be a good guy and defeat our enemies because good is good and evil is bad. Everything is changed as soon as you become a skeleton, who can change his skills by...

DJMAX Respect V launch

DJMAX Respect V Officially launch In March

DJMAX Respect V, a rhythm game that entered Early Access on PC this year, will get a full launch on 12 March. After publisher Neowiz brought this long standing musical adventure tp PC Early Access in ...


Metal Unit First Impressions

As a Metal Unit pilot, you are tasked with capturing a traitor to your military. That traitor, your sister. Geared up with a sword, and some special abilities and weapons, you will take the fight to t...

DJMAX RESPECT V PC Review – DJMAX Demands Respect!

DJMAX is a rhythmic game series that has been around for over a decade. Now, Neowiz has brought this beloved title to the PC, with a catalog of over 150 songs and a streaming playlist mode, does DJMAX...

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Brown Dust Companion

Brown Dust Companion Update Gets Friendly

Brown Dust, one of my more well-received mobile RPGs is about to introduce a huge new update. Get ready to say hello to the Brown Dust Companion Update. Things can get a little lonely playing with the...

Brown Dust Children of Darkness

Brown Dust Gets Children of Darkness Update

Brown Dust, the turn-based mobile RPG from Neowiz, is going continental with its latest Children of Darkness Update and German language launch. Guten Tag Damen und Heren. The latest update to Brown Du...

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