Rangers of Oblivion

Press Release: Rangers of Oblivion Now Available

Download Rangers of Oblivion and join Malheim’s most feared faction, The Rangers. Create a legacy of monster-hunting mastery, defend the land of Malheim and explore an ever-changing, living, breathing...

Forged Fantasy

PRESS RELEASE: Hothead Games AnnounceS Fantasy Action RPG Forged Fantasy

Vancouver, British Columbia – January 10, 2019 – Get ready to battle through realms of darkness with an epic cast of Heroes – the only ones who can save the world. Hothead Games, developer and p...

Alien: Blackout

Alien: Blackout Turned Out To Be a Mobile Game

After a number of teasers dedicated to the upcoming Alien title, FoxNet Games has finally revealed more information about the project. Alien: Blackout is a Survival Horror game for iOS and Android dev...

How to Play Sony PlayStation Portable Games on Android

PlayStation Portable is a popular Sony handheld game console for which many great games have been released, including those that weren’t intended to be played on mobile devices. Even if you do not hav...

Assassin’s Creed Rebellion Review

An assassin’s work is never done. Especially when you belong to an ancient order of assassins dedicated to thwarting and eliminating the oppressive machinations of an equally ancient order of ty...

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Wizards Unite

Nimble Nimbus Star in the New Harry Potter Wizards Unite Trailer

The launch date for Harry Potter Wizards Unite may have been pushed back into 2019 but that has not stopped this magic mobile game from getting off the ground. A brand new trailer for the game has app...

This is the Police goes Mobile!

This is the Police goes Mobile!

You read that right. The critically-acclaimed strategy game, This is the Police, has launched on mobile for both Android and iOS. Developer Weappy Studios has partnered with publisher Handy Games to b...

Skylanders Ring of Heroes

Skylanders Ring of Heroes Review

For many of us, the recent release of the Spyro Reignited Trilogy will not have gone unnoticed and while reviews of this purple pyromancer’s adventures hail his return, he’s been back for a while. The...

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Command and Conquer Rivals Review

Command and Conquer Rivals Review

Like most of the rest of the internet, I was taken aback, to say the least, by the teaser EA released 5 months ago. The bright, cartoony-looking graphics and Uncanny Valley version of Kane put the exe...

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