layers of fear vr comign to psvr

Layers Of Fear VR Is Coming To Haunt Your PSVR

Layers of fear VR, the all encompassing horror from Bloober Team, is coming to PlayStation VR in April. Due to load fear onto PlayStation VR as of 29 April 2021, Team Bloober’s Victorian Horror escapa...


Is Gaming on Console Different From PC? Here’s What You Need To Know

Since time immemorial, people have always had conflicting views and points of argument. Whether it’s Icarus in Greek Mythology disagreeing with Daedalus against flying too close to the sun or pessimis...

WW1 Isonzo

New FPS WW1 Isonzo Announced

M2H and BlackMill Games have announced a new first-person shooter game set in their ongoing WW1 game series. Called Isonzo – The Italian Front, the game will be available for PC, Xbox Series S/X...

Watch Dogs: Legion

Watch Dogs: Legion Multiplayer Delayed Again

Ubisoft has sorry news for Watch Dogs: Legion players who were looking forward to this week’s release of the game’s long-awaited PC multiplayer mode. It has been delayed again. According t...

March PS Plus games picture of Aerith

Final Fantasy VII Remake Headlines March PS Plus Games

PlayStation owners are about to grab Final Fantasy VII Remake for free with some stellar March PS Plus games. If you own a PlayStation and don’t already subscribe to Sony’s online add-on package I bes...

Consoles 2021

Console Sales Predictions For 2021

Many people across the globe invest in stocks or bet on a technological product’s potential within the market – and 2021 is the most promising year for this. With the Playstation 5 and Xbox X Se...

PlayStation 4 logo

Sony Stops Production Of The PS4

It’s been on the cards for some time now and rumours have been rife but we now know that Sony Japan is ending production of almost all PS4 models in japan. While we’ve suspected this was close, but, b...

Player Safety

Microsoft, Nintendo & Sony Team Up for Player Safety

In a surprising new post on the Xbox Wire, Microsoft has announced a new initiative to keep players safe when gaming. Microsoft has aligned with Nintendo and Sony to announce “our belief that pr...


TGA 2020: Season is a Bike Trip for the Ages

During this week’s The Game Awards 2020, Scavengers Studio unveiled its next game called Seasons. The game centers on a young woman out to explore the world via bicycle before a cataclysmic even...

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