Video Games Too Big To Fail (But Still Did)

The gaming industry is flourishing more than ever but isn’t because of AAA companies like EA, Blizzard, or Bethesda. Over the years, these companies are simply manufacturing games and aren’t concerned...

Battlefield V Tips and Tricks

Battlefield V Releases Roadmap for 2019

Fans of the popular EA Dice title Battlefield V should rejoice in the news that a roadmap for new content in 2019 has been released! Within the roadmap, EA has outlined what players can expect from th...

Is the PlayStation Classic Worth Purchasing

Is the PlayStation Classic Worth Purchasing?

When the PlayStation Classic was announced back in September, the nostalgia floodgates were well and truly open for business. The original PlayStation remains one of the best selling consoles of all t...

Wandersong PS4 Review – A Quirky Ballad

As gamers, we often find that many games indulge us when we smite our enemies with weaponry, technological marvels, or magical might that transcends our imagination. If you have ever wanted to forsake...

8.2 Great

How to Play Sony PlayStation Portable Games on Android

PlayStation Portable is a popular Sony handheld game console for which many great games have been released, including those that weren’t intended to be played on mobile devices. Even if you do not hav...

Override: Mech City Brawl

Override: Mech City Brawl Where Carnage Is Chrome Plated

Saturday morning Super Sentai adventures have landed this month with the release of Override: Mech City Brawl. Engage your psychommu, link up with friends, and get in the dam robot as we take on The B...

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PlayStation Classic

Sony Revealed PlayStation Classic Games Line-Up

PlayStation Classic offers the reimagined original experience of the first Sony console released 1994. Sony has finally revealed the full list of the games that will be available for PlayStation Class...

Battle Chef Brigade Deluxe PS4 Review

In the disparate land of Victusia where magic and mayhem thrive, where battles are well fought in grand arenas, pitting two skilled warriors against each other; the victor that shall reign supreme sha...

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Name Changes Finally Coming to PSN

Poorly named gamers, rejoice! Name changes are finally making their way to the PlayStation Network. It’s been years in coming but the word has dropped on the Official PlayStation Blog.  To take ...

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