Take a Trip Through the Olympic Exclusion Zone in Pacific Drive

Take a Trip Through the Olympic Exclusion Zone in Pacific Drive

Ironwood Studios and Kepler Interactive have announced that Pacific Drive is now available for PlayStation 5 and PC via Epic Games Store and Steam. Players can start their journey through the eerie Olympic Exclusion Zone and scavenge for parts to customize their vehicle for survival. Those looking for more exotic customization can purchase the Digital Deluxe Edition that offers space-themed cosmetic options.

The launch day trailer sets the stage for players whose only refuge in this post-apocalyptic nightmare is their aging, decrepit vehicle. Viewers get a peek at the sometimes frightening world that remains as they drive to add parts to make their vehicles more secure, faster, and stronger.

  • Outrun the storm while facing strange perils in a world that shifts with every journey into the Zone
  • Your car, your way – scavenge resources to craft new equipment and configure your wagon how you want. Experiment with different mods and car parts to navigate a treacherous landscape, and look good doing it
  • Unravel the mystery of the Olympic Exclusion Zone, an abandoned research site in an anomaly-filled version of the Pacific Northwest
  • Original score by Wilbert Roget, II and featuring 20+ licensed songs

Alex Dracott, Creative Director, said: “As a team, it’s surreal looking back 4 years to the creation of Ironwood with a team of 4 in the middle of a global pandemic. We’ve added a few new faces since then but we’re still a small team and we’re incredibly proud to be launching our first title. On behalf of Ironwood Studios, thank you to everyone who takes the time to play Pacific Drive, we hope you enjoy your time on the road.”

Check out the Pacific Drive official site for more details.

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