KartRider: Drift RISE update speeds into view

KartRider: Drift RISE and lambo crossover key art

KartRider: Drift RISE is here. The fast-paced kart racer from Nexon and Nitro has a brand new update. RISE is available now, bringing exciting new gameplay features, quality-of-life updates, and a limited-time collaboration with Automobili Lamborghini tot the track.

The new update brings some significant changes. Each rider now has heir own distinctive skills that fit their personality and style. These character skills are available to use in Item mode with two skill types – Active, which allows the player to use an effect at a specific time through a specific activity, and Passive, a skill that is automatically given to the player. Some examples are:

• Brodi – Brodi’s Boost Zone (Active) – Install a Boost Zone on the track in front of you.
• Kris – Banana Hack (Active) – Change the held items of all your opponents to bananas.
• Martin – Hydrophile (Passive) – You have a chance to receive your own Water Bomb or Water Fly items when hit by one of these items.
• Rave – For The Fans (Passive) – Become invincible for a few seconds after being hit by certain items.

Further customization is available in the new Kart tuning system. Available in Speed Mode, this lets racers adjust their karts with some of the following boosts:

• Booster Acceleration
• Drift Acceleration
• Boost Duration
• Boost Charge Amount
• Long Slide Drift Sustainability
• Maintain Boost after Wall Collision Boost

While there are plenty of other tweaks and changes, players will be able to grab a bunch of new items via the cash shop now. New Racing Boxes, and improved |Racing Pass, and more provide plenty of new ways to buy loot or earn trophies to get even more Racing Boxes.


The RISE update also accompanies a crossover with a major car name. Starting today players can choose from three different limited-time super sports cars – the Lamborghini Aventador Ultimae Roadster, Huracán EVO Spyder and Urus Performante – in the game through March 13. This is particularly on point for KartRider:Drift, and probably more fitting than the recent Blackpink cross over. Lamborghini is a legendary Italian luxury sports car manufacturer that has become synonymous with power, speed, and style. Founded in 1963 by Ferruccio Lamborghini, the company has consistently pushed the boundaries of automotive engineering and design. Now you’ll be able to embody style and speed on the small or big screen.

For those that have yet to experience the latest collaboration, KartRider: Drift is racing title that offers fast-paced kart racing action with a competitive edge. Launched on June 3, 2021, it brings the long running KartRider franchise to new heights. Developed by Nexon, KartRider: Drift is available on multiple platforms, including PC (via Steam and Nexon Launcher), Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. The game can be downloaded and played for free now via the official website.

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