Tony Hawkes Turned Monster Hunter Adventure Helskate Enters Early Access

Skateboarding action roguelite Helskate hit Steam Early Access.

Kickflip your way through the worst that the underworld can throw at you., with a brand-new Early Access title that isn’t your normal skating simulator. Developer Phantom Coast has opened the side streets and parkways of Vertheimto players eager to get in ahead of the crowds and slay some monsters. Mixing a whole host of perplexing ideas, Helskate channels skateboarding sims of old while utilize unique builds and action combat to carve through a range of demonic invaders.

This outrageous explosion of neon caught our eye because it’s so ambitious. Dropping player squarely on a skateboard and rolling into a massive urban environment, this endeavour doesn’t just leave you to ride or die. Well, not in the way that Session might. Pulling off grinds and cool tricks are essential, but al the while there be monsters. Classic arcade skating is joined by incredible looking combat. Swords, shurikens, and more powerful weapons are at your disposal. Along the way, chain huge combos, do ollies, kickflips, and other awesome tricks to power up your attacks and gain unique abilities and buffs to slay. If that wasn’t enough, the Gods of Skating await!

Taking a little bit of Sunset Overdrive, mixing in the same sort of bright enthusiasm that had me leap into Hi-Fi Rush, the charm of Hades, and joy of skateboarding Helskate combines a bunch of concepts in a package that we really hope will work. I’m off to go grab some shinpads for the apocalypse. You can check out the trailer and head over to the Steam Store page now.

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