Krosmaga – CCG Goodness Sharing DOFUS & WAKFU Universe


Ankama is bringing the universe of DOFUS and WAKFU to CCGs in Krosmaga. In open beta on PC since December, the game is now out for mobile devices as well. Players can adventure through single player or multiplayer on any platform as well as share progression regardless.

In a World of CCGs, What Makes Krosmaga Different?

You become a god within the fantasy universe with your own strengths and weaknesses. First you summon creatures, then you take the enemy apart.

Along with the normal CCG elements, you’ll find tower defense, PvP, dungeon mode and, finally, over 500 cards and eight different gods.

The Krosmoz is also the universe of DOFUS and WAKFU. In Krosmaga, players therefore find the emblematic characters from Ankama’s video games, animated series, and film.

The game is free to play, though an in-game shop is available that includes cards, cosmetic items and services. Learn more on its official site.

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