Fantasy Strike

Fisticuffs and Dragons As Fantasy Strike Hits Consoles

Fantasy Strike is about to launch on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch come this July 25. PC, Mac and, Linux players who have been testing their skills in early access will also get a full launch for ...

Sudden Strike 4: Complete Collection

Sudden Strike 4: Complete Collection Invading Now

For those of you who feel like the age of Barbarians is a bit too old school, Sudden Strike 4: Complete Collection is already out on PC, Linux, and Mac. The consoles are due to fall shortly after. Com...

EA Is Giving The Sims 4 Away For Free In Origin

EA Is Giving The Sims 4 Away For Free In Origin

If you have wanted to try out The Sims 4 but could never find the opportunity, EA has your back! In an unexpected move, the publisher is offering The Sims 4 base game (standard edition) for free on Or...

SteamWorld Quest

SteamWorld Quest Finally Comes to Steam

It’s not often that we see a game launch, succeed, and then make its way onto PC. Now SteamWorld Quest joins these unusual alumni as it hits PC, Mac, and Linux a the end of May. First dealt out on the...

A Swell Free Content Update is Available Now in Cuphead 1.2

A Swell Free Content Update is Available Now in Cuphead 1.2

A couple of days ago, the developers from Studio MDHR have released an update for Cuphead. According to the devs, it is the biggest update ever. According to a Reddit poster named electoon, “The...

Tech Support: Error Unknown

Tech Support: Error Unknown Boots Up This Feb

Unexpected errors, thermal shutdowns, vanishing data, and dark multi-layered conspiracies. It seems that the life of the local IT department just got a lot more interesting. Get ready to take on the m...

21 facts about book of demons

[Press Release] – 21 Facts About Book of Demons

With the game about to hack-n-slash its way from Early Access, Thing Trunk has shared a special 21 Facts about Book of Demons video you can find below! Book of Demons, Thing Trunk’s unique deck-buildi...

Sir Plump

Sir Plump Made It To Kickstarter

Sir Plump is a 2D action platformer game from Gamelab featuring perky graphics inspired by the Disney classics. Dive right into the gripping world of the Middle Ages with this charming fella! Check ou...

Crossroads Inn

Crossroads Inn – Gameplay Teaser

Back in August Kraken Unleashed had revealed their upcoming project Crossroads Inn, a real-time management sim game set in a fantasy world of Delcrys. In Crossroads Inn players will get to build and r...

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