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PRESS RELEASE: The Sinking City will be released the 27th of June

March 8, 2019, Lesquin, France — BIGBEN and Frogwares are sorry to announce that the release of The Sinking City, originally scheduled for March 21st, 2019, has been pushed back to the 27th of June 20...


The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel Arrives on PlayStation 4 in March

It can be said that those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it. Alternatively, in gaming, that means we get a definitive edition on a new console platform. The Legend of Heroes: Trails of ...


Pode Plods onto PlayStation 4

Valentine’s day is over and if your day didn’t go quite how you’d like then a brand new indie adventure is set to remind you what’s really important. Out now, on PlayStation 4, Pode is a brand n...

Eternity: The Last Unicorn

Eternity: The Last Unicorn Launches March 5th

There’s nothing quite like a Viking adventure but, despite television’s best efforts to convince you otherwise, Norse tales are more than just comic book heroes and raiding the English. Today, Void St...

PlayStation Boss Shawn Layden Wants More Multiplayer Games

PlayStation Boss Wants More Multiplayer Games

Shawn Layden, the chairman of Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios, had participated in an interview with portal In addition to a number of questions, including Sony&#...

Days Gone – Sarah & Deacon's Wedding Trailer

Days Gone – Sarah & Deacon’s Wedding Trailer

After sending out the invitations and publishing the wedding pictures, Bend Studio has shared the trailer dedicated to one of the most important events in the life of Days Gone protagonist. Deacon St....


Aragami Shadow Edition – Review

You have been called forth from the darkness to become darkness and vengeance. As a shadow spirit, you have the ability to move through the shadows, jumping from here to there with the ability to assa...

8.5 Great
At Sundown

At Sundown Shots in the Dark Switch Review

Indie developer Mind Beast Games has just unleashed a clip full of multiplayer chaos on the Nintendo Switch. Grab a gun, unsheathe your sword, and get ready to flail wildly in the dark as we jump into...

6 Fair

Resident Evil 2 Remake Review

You are minding your own business on your drive into the city when all of a sudden, wham! You hit something and you aren’t sure what it was. You slam on the brakes and screech to a halt. Slowly you op...

10 Perfect

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