Emergents Trading Card Game (TCG) Enters Public Beta With Exclusive Sale of ‘Super Booster’ Card Packs


Emergents Trading Card Game (TCG), an all-new Tezos-based blockchain gaming title published by InterPop, announced its move to Public Beta in a bid to expand the fan-driven Emergents’ universe. The Public Beta of the digital trading card game boasts new features and initiatives that make “gaming more fun and engaging for the players”, a statement from the team reads. The game is curated and developed by some of the top minds in gaming development such as Corey Burkhart, Alan Comer, Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa, Brian David-Marshall, Zvi Mowshowitz, and Drew Nolosco. They have contributed to over 50 games and expansions released.

The Emergents trading card game taps into an already expansive metaverse with captivating and rich storylines in a bid to offer players unmatched fun and engagement. By leveraging the power of Tezos, the TCG revolutionizes traditional trading card games by turning cards into ecologically friendly digital collectibles while giving players total control and ownership over the cards and other in-game assets via almost any wallet in the Tezos ecosystem.

“Our goal has never been to “build the best blockchain game”, Brian David-Marshall said. “It has always been to build a better game than what was out there – be it so-called free-to-play or the complicated DeFi mechanics of blockchain games – that could go toe-to-toe with the best in class trading card games and recapture some of the excitement that came from buying, selling, and trading Magic or Pokemon cards in the real world.”

InterPop debuted its first five comic book series The Nine, Emergents Presents, #ZOEMG, The Abyss, and The Rejects on the Tezos blockchain in the last year, creating a brand new superhero universe, with all comics available digitally via their InterPop Comics readership platform.

With the launch of the Emergents TCG Public Beta, the company aims to redefine and evolve digital outlets to create better gaming experiences. Players can now build a digital card collection of unique card decks and objects that the player can buy, sell, or trade as they see fit.

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InterPop Launches the ‘Super Booster’ Card Packs

Amidst the fandom and excitement surrounding the Public Beta release of Emergents TCG, InterPop also announced the launch of the ‘Super Booster’ card packs flash sale, expected to start on August 18. There are three major tiers of Super Booster card packs, including the ‘Super Booster’, ‘Rare Super Booster’, and ‘Epic Super Booster’ card packs.

The first two card pack tiers will be for sale to players for 50 tez and 175 tez respectively, and can also be purchased using a credit card. Each of the two ‘Super Booster’ card packs comes with its own perks, features and custom items, the ‘Rare Super Booster’ having more features. Some of the items will be placed randomly in any card pack including exclusive NFT promo versions of cards from TCG’s initial set, an ultra-rare 1-of-1 edition of the 1st Minted promos of every promo card in the Super Booster, NFT player avatars with skins exclusive to this drop, and early-access NFT cards from upcoming Emergents TCG NFT releases including The Rejects – the Emergents universe’s newest team. Notwithstanding, every card pack contains one or more NFT comics from InterPopComics.com.

The two tiers of card packs will be joined in the celebratory release with ‘Epic Super Booster’ card pack. This pack will be sold at an auction in an edition of 8 featuring some of the rarerest items in the Emergents TCG universe. The Epic Super Booster will include a 1st Minted edition of 1 Super Booster Exclusive NFT Card; 1 Scott Kolins Original Comic Art NFT; 4 Epic Super Booster Exclusive NFT Cards; 5 Rare Super Booster Exclusive NFT Cards; 10 Super Booster Exclusive NFT Cards; 2 NFT Comic Books; and three player avatar NFTs (one being the rare Abyss Player Avatar NFT).

Super Boosters also include digital comics, player avatars, several of which will not be available anywhere else, and a chance at one of 28 pages of physical, original comic book art, which is a highly sought-after Holy Grail for comic book fans and a 1-of-1 collectible.

Lastly, the ‘Super Booster’ card packs exclusive pre-sale to the whitelist starts on August 18, with sales opening to the general public on August 19th. Fans can join this list by either purchasing any comic NFT from interpopcomics.com, or with purchase of any promo card from the upcoming trading card game available here. The whitelist was locked on August 17, with the whitelisted investors able to buy the exclusive card packs starting August 18.

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