Lepricon Set to Bring Blockchain to Gaming

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain are the new wave in the fintech space, but they are also going mainstream with every passing day. The rise in the price of Bitcoin, along with that of other crypto toke...

age of rust

Get On The Bitcoin Bandwagon With Age Of Rust

Age of Rust, a brand new post-apocalyptic RPG from US Indie outfit SpacePirate Games, is set to give players a chance to loot some Bitcoin when it launches on 19 March. If you are an ace combat cyborg...


Blockchain: Gambling and Gaming

Many industries, including IT companies and financial institutions, are embracing blockchain technology. Even before the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world, crypto gambling was already blooming. But befo...

ubisoft nine chronicles

UbiSoft Sets Its Sighs on Nine Chronicles

It appears that Ubisoft is set to throw its weight behind upcoming MMORPG, Nine Chronicles after a recent announcement. We’ve been keeping an eye on Nine Chronicles since its initial alpha announcemen...


Top 3 ways blockchain is being used to enrich your gaming experience

Unless you have been living under a rock, blockchain is the tech trend you have been likely hearing about from everywhere, all the time. However, if your comfort zone is located between your gaming ch...

nine chronicles alpha

Nine Chronicles Opens Up Alpha Test To Player Control

Nine Chronicles, a very different type of RPG from developer Planetarium, threw open the floodgates to Alpha testers today and the developers aren’t in control anymore. The Players Are In Charge Now C...

TRON and MixMarvel Bring to the Blockchain

TRON and MixMarvel Bring to the Blockchain

Developed by MixMarvel, the acclaimed studio behind top ETH game HyperDragons, HyperSnakes introduces new abilities and battle royale mechanics to classic gameplay. Players can compete with...


Virtual Economies in Decentralized Autonomous Universes – Sponsored

Have you ever envisioned a video game that gives you true ownership of your gameplay? A game where you own the house you live in, the car you drive, and the factory you operate? Imagine an infinite vi...

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