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Is Satisfactory a Satisfying Game?

From Coffee Stain studios comes a new twist to the factory building automation genre with its newest game Satisfactory which is available on the Epic Store. If you’re familiar with games like Factorio...

9 Amazing

Frontier Announces Planet Zoo

Frontier makes an announcement for its newest game Planet Zoo. The latest sim game for making your own Zoo populated by various animals. Planet Zoo boasts the most authentic animals for a videogame wi...

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy PC Review –

After being on the Nintendo DS for quite some time, the Phoenix Wright series makes its debut on the PC with the Ace Attorney Trilogy. It features the 14 episodes spanning the course of the first thre...

9.5 Amazing

Whispers of a Machine Review – A Nordic Noir mystery waiting to be solved

It’s time to get your detective hat on as you get ready to solve a murder and the dark story lurking beneath the surface of the new game from publisher Raw Fury’s Whispers of a Machine. Set in a post-...

9.5 Amazing

Outward Review – A mash up of genres that tries to stand out.

Outward is a new game from developer Nine Dot Studios that came snuck in while everyone else was looking at other games. It seeks to combine souls like combat and difficulty with a more survival type ...

8.5 Great

The Small and oh so Strong Mek Mini Gaming PC

Earlier Zotac introduced it’s latest entry in the market of compact computers with the Mek Mini Gaming PC. It’s designed to bring strong gaming performance wherever it goes. The Mek Mini b...

Chocobo’s Mystery Dungeon Every Buddy! us is Available now!

Square Enix announced that Chocobo’s Mystery Dungeon EVERY BUDDY! is available digitally for the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. In Chocobo’s Mystery Dungeon EVERY BUDDY! players can explore ...



It’s time to delve once more into the universe of the Fate series in their newest game Fate/EXTELLA LINK. This second game expands further on the alternate universe of Extella in the virtual reality w...

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