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Headline: NoviNews

Headliner: NoviNews Makes For A Top Story In Our Review

Headliner: NoviNews has hit the headlines on the Nintendo Switch and we picked up a copy to see if it’s more than just a rerun of yesterday’s news. Hurridly scrambling to keep up with the news here at...

7.5 Good
Winds of Change Review

Winds of Change Review for PC

Winds of Change is a new visual novel from Tall Tail Studios that gives a new fantasy world to delve into for the player. It features choices, connections with multiple characters, voice acting, great...

9 Amazing
Winds Of Change

Winds of Change Blowing Into Launch Early

Winds of Change is about to tell its epic tail earlier than expected. Developer Tall Tail Studios has just confirmed that its new visual novel is launching on 21 August 2019. Winds of Change is a game...

Code Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ for Switch is Coming West in December

Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ for Switch is Coming West in December

During Anime Expo 2019, Aksys Games announced that adventure / visual novel game Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ is coming to the Switch owners in Europe and USA in December. The events of the gam...

Dream Daddy

Dream Daddy Going Mobile This Summer

Let your Dream Daddy steal you away this summer as the hit indie dating sim goes mobile. This June and July Dream Daddy is coming to Nintendo Switch and Mobile platforms. Dream Daddy is a visual novel...

World End Syndrome

World End Syndrome Out Now on Switch and PlayStation 4

Back at the end of November 2018, we reported that World End Syndrome was coming westward. Now, this original visual novel is out on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. An unexpected alliance between J...

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy PC Review –

After being on the Nintendo DS for quite some time, the Phoenix Wright series makes its debut on the PC with the Ace Attorney Trilogy. It features the 14 episodes spanning the course of the first thre...

9.5 Amazing
Cinders Launched on Nintendo Switch With a Special Trailer

Cinders Launched on Nintendo Switch With a Special Trailer

Moa Cube’s and Crunching Koalas’ mature take on Cinderella’s fairy tale, Cinders, has launched on Nintendo Switch! To celebrate the occasion the team has also released a trailer you ...

Second Term

Monster Prom Has a Second Term DLC

If you’ve had the fortune to visit Monster High of late then you’ll know that things can get firey when it comes to relationships. When you’ve got hellspawn hipsters and werewolves all going through p...

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