It’s time to delve once more into the universe of the Fate series in their newest game Fate/EXTELLA LINK. This second game expands further on the alternate universe of Extella in the virtual reality world of SE.RA.PH where servants once again fight at their master’s command for victory over the virtual space. Does Fate/EXTELLA LINK add more to the franchise or is it just a virtual glimmer in the wind? This is our Fate/EXTELLA LINK review.

Fate/EXTELLA LINK is the second game that picks up after the Fate/EXTELLA to continue to tell the tale of yourself and the various servants of the virtual wonderland of SE.RA.PH. In an alternate reality set in the Fate series universe, the world has all but ended with the last vestiges of humanity escaping into this virtual reality to live out the remainder of their days. Those powerful enough become Masters of Servants who are virtual legends of past, present and sometimes future. The likes of Emperor Nero are brought to life as a fantastic swordswoman, yes swordswoman. As happens in the Fate universe these Heroes are sometimes brought to life as a different gender or even a different age, but that doesn’t stop them from being all-powerful gods of the battlefield seeking to unleash their Masters will with their deadly prowess in combat.  So if seeing King Arthur as a woman triggers you, this may not be your virtual cup of tea.

The story picks up with your character living a peaceful life after the events that unfolded before when suddenly everything goes wrong. War breaks out before your very eyes and you are forced to summon one of your friends in hopes that they can battle for you and avert a tragedy.  But you’re in for a surprise as it’s not one of your trusted and often times enamored servants you summon but someone new. This young man is none other than Charlemagne legendary King of old, but you can call him Charlie. SO begins this new adventurer to secure peace in SE.RA.PH as you collect new allies and battle over areas to once again prove your control over this virtual landscape.

The story isn’t just fluff and is on par for the Fate series universe, with a few twists and turns and new characters added to spice things up. The meat of Fate/EXTELLA LINK comes in its combat. It’s a hack and slash game in the vein of Dynasty Warriors where the hero you’ve selected to play battles it out in the zone against hundreds of minor enemies, some special mid-bosses and eventually other tough heroes of legends past. The controls are there for both controller and keyboard and mouse and both work well. Keys are remappable which helps significantly with how much button mashing is going on. You not only have basic movement and attacks but special moves, skills and eventually after it’s charged up your heroes Noble Phantasm which is their ultimate move based of their character and sometimes weapon that can devastate their chosen battlefield. The combat is fluid and flows well as new objectives pop up and you have to travel here and there in the zones to achieve victory.

While there is the story mode to play in Fate/EXTELLA LINK, there is also Extras which bring challenges you can complete to unlock more skills and or special outfits for your heroes as you level them up and increase their bond with you. The multiplayer can be fun and ultimately can eat up your time, even though the main thrust of the game lies in the story mode and extras as you seek to collect every little thing the game has to offer.

Overall Fate/EXTELLA LINK improves on the first game with more characters, more things to unlock and solid combat. The story was great although I wish there was more of it. The cutscenes this time are done with hand-drawn 2D characters that remind more of a visual novel type game with some great voice acting. If you’re a fan of the Fate series and especially if you’re a fan of the Extella alternate reality than this game is worth picking up for you. At $49.99 it can be a hefty price with what could be 10-20 hours of story gameplay, but there is extra time that can be spent in Extra battles as well as online play.
  • Solid Dynasty Warriors style combat
  • Great voice acting
  • 10 new servants bringing the total to 26 in the game
  • Well drawn 2d cut scenes
  • Might not be a game for those unfamiliar with the Fate universe
  • Can seem pricey for the amount of story content there
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