Sins of a Solar Empire Rebellion - Minor Factions DLC Announced

Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion – Minor Factions DLC Announced

Stardock and Ironclad Games have announced a brand new DLC for the real-time 4X strategy Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion. Titled Minor Factions, the DLC will release on Monday, December 17, and add ...

Northgard Nidhogg DLC

Northgard Releases Nidhogg: The Clan of the Dragon DLC

If you have ever had visions run through your head of the glorious pillaging on vikingdom and said to yourself, “Self, what this pillaging needs in more dragons,” then you are in luck. Why is that? Be...


Kenshi Review: Of Swords, Scavenging, and Strife

I know what you’re thinking. Society is overrated. You can’t stand it, but it inevitably insinuates its vile influences into your otherwise perfect life and you know it would be so much be...

6.1 Fair

Press Release: EA Releases Command & Conquer: Rivals For iOS and Android

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – Dec. 4, 2018 Setting the tone for the holiday month, today Electronic Arts Inc. released a mobile rendition of their classicly popular, RTS series: Command & Conquer. This n...


STEAM HIGH FIVE: After Dinner Escapades

Sure, dinner was great. Good food, good company, time off work… or not. Here’s hoping you found time to share with your loved ones and created moments with them. But hold on tight, the hol...

Ubisoft The Settlers History Collection

The Settlers History Collection Is Now Out on UPlay

Real-time strategy series The Settlers is celebrating its 25th anniversary! To celebrate such a momentous occasion, Ubisoft has released The Settlers History Collection for PC via Uplay featuring all ...

Warcraft 4 Warcraft III Reforged

Blizzard Has No Plans For Warcraft 4

Blizzard senior producer Pete Stilwell had participated in an interview with GameSpot in which he has revealed that the company currently has no plans for Warcraft 4. “I mean, I wouldn’t r...


Warcraft III Reforged Interview with the Devs

The announcement of Warcraft III Reforged during opening ceremonies yesterday was one of the highlights of Blizzcon for me and is something I know many longtime Blizzard fans have been asking for. The...


Ragnarok, Northgard’s most expansive update since launch, is now available!

If you haven’t heard of Northgard and fare even mildly a fan of real-time strategy and Norse Vikings you’ve been missing out.  Originally released as Early Access on Steam in February 2017...

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