Siege of Centauri

Siege of Centauri, a tower defense that plays like an RTS

Writer’s note: I was offered a Siege of Centauri key for the preview, but had already purchased the game as a Founder. It’s a weird time to be an RTS aficionado. There are a lot of games coming out th...

war party review

Hey Have You Heard? It’s a War Party

The vast majority of RTS games fall into a handful of tried and true settings: science fiction is probably the most popular, with World War 2 and kind of a generic Tolkienesque fantasy following up be...

8 Great

Press Release: Survival RTS Conan Unconquered Gets Release Date, Pricing, and New Screenshots

Earlier today, publisher Funcom announced that the new Conan themed survival RTS developed by Petroglyph Studios and entitled Conan Unconquered is slated for a May 3oth release. This promises to be a ...

Worbital Banner

Worbital: Like Owning Your Own Death Star

If you’ve ever fantasized about piloting your own Death Star then playing the Steam PC real-time strategy game Worbital by Finland’s Team Jolly Roger would be a step in the right direction...

7.5 Good

Press Release: Classic RTS S.W.I.N.E. Gets an HD Remaster for PC

In July of 2001, General Iron Tusk overthrew the government of the Republic of Pigs, marking the beginning an era of expansionism and conquest as the General quickly turned his gaze and the war powers...

World on Fire

World on Fire Blasts Onto Mobile

When I heard that Perfect World released a new mobile game this month I readied myself for yet another anime-inspired fantasy RPG grind. It turns out the online MMO monolith are dropping something a l...

Northgard Received Major Free Update

Northgard Received Major Free Update

Popular Viking-themed RTS Northgard has received a major free update that introduced a new mechanic, Relics. Additionally, the update expanded the in-game crafting system, reworked the tool mechanics ...

A Year of Rain

Daedalic Reveals RTS A Year Of Rain

Daedalic Entertainment has announced multiplayer RTS A Year Of Rain. The game features heroes, an extensive story mode and a heavy emphasis on team gameplay.  It will be available in Early Access on P...

Undead Horde Preview: Necromancy at its Most Playful

Undead Horde Preview: Necromancy at its Most Playful

I’m pretty sure I’ve written once before about how some of my favorite indie games are ones that smoosh together a variety of genres into one fun cocktail. Undead Horde by 10tons Ltd. has ...

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