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Tropico 6: Llama of Wall Street Review

El Presidente is back! It is time to leave behind smuggling and crime and join big players in the major league. Starting with the wooden toys of El Prez, build up your own brand that will leave the re...

6.5 Fair
Commandos 2 The Praetorians

Commandos 2 and Praetorians HD Remasters Are Coming In 2020

Commandos 2 and Praetorians, the iconic strategy titles originally published in the early 2000s are getting ready for an HD Remaster on 24 Jan 2020. Thanks to developers Yippee! Entertainment and Toru...

Commandos 2 & Praetorians Remaster Trailers From Gamescom 2019

Commandos 2 & Praetorians Remaster Trailers From Gamescom 2019

Kalypso Media has prepared two new trailers for its creations with Gamescom 2019 about to kick off. About a year ago the company bought the rights to certain games of Pyro Studios, including the Comma...


Tropico 6 primed for September console launch

Tropico 6 has been out on PC since September. However, console players have been wondering when they would get the chance to become El Presidente. Thanks to Kalypso Media, that wait is nearly at an en...

Tropico 6 Review

Welcome to Tropico, a little known archipelago somewhere off the coast of some continent; most likely near South America if you take into account the cultural, linguistic, and the architectural preval...

7 Good
Tropico 6 El Presidente

Tropico 6 Beta Update And Roadmap Released

Kalypso Media and developer Limbic Entertainment have released a new update for the Tropico 6 Closed Beta. Tropico 6 is the fifth sequel for the popular Tropico city builder/dictator simulator game. A...

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