GOG Returns To Its Roots

GOG Returns To Its Roots

Digital distribution platform GOG.com published a new blog post titled “The future that comes from the past” to update users on the plans for the store. Originally, GOG stood for Good Old ...

Fallout: New Vegas

Looking Back at Fallout: New Vegas, One of the Best RPGs Ever Created

11 years ago, gamers were diving into a new world that offered glimpses of the glittering Las Vegas Strip. This was strikingly blended with stories of a city ravaged by nuclear Armageddon. They learne...

Movie Adaptation

Best Games that Deserve a Movie Adaptation

Video-game films have long been jokes for good reason: many box office failures were the result of several of the initial attempts to translate digital media to the silver screen. Filmmakers are encou...

atom rpg switch banner

Atom RPG Switch Review

Playing some Fallout 76 months ago I started to yearn to be able to play the original Fallout on a modern system. The Fallout series is a group of post-apocalyptic RPGs. I had started Fallout 1 when i...

7 Good

Bethesda Donates $1M for COVID-19 Relief Efforts

Bethesda has announced that its “global family of studios” have made a proactive donation of one million dollars to several charities working on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic. Ac...

Beautiful Desolation Banner

Beautiful Desolation Quick Hit Review

Initially, I heard about Beautiful Desolation from members of my gaming guild. The guildmates who had seen the game’s page on Steam thought it looked reminiscent of Bethseda‘s late 90̵...

10 Yummy Pies Inspired by Video Games

March 14th marks the celebration of Pi Day in every high school math and chemistry classroom in the US. So, obviously, we celebrate with pie. There are tons of talented bakers in the gaming universe t...

You’d be Quackers to Miss These TUBBZ Ducks

The humble rubber duck has become a cult symbol of cuteness over the years. But ducks cosplaying as our favourite geek icons? Such a potent combination would be almost too amazing, but that’s ju...

Five game add-ons you may have missed

When you buy a game, you know it is going to set you back a fair whack – this is nothing new, but what has changed through the years is the way in which you can get some brilliant add-ons, bonuses or ...

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