Author: Scott Jeslis

Scott is a comic book, music and gaming nerd since the late 70s. Gaming all began on the Colecovision and Atari 2600. He buys and reads new comics every Wednesday from his LCBS and helps run an online Heavy Metal radio station.


Breathedge 1.0 Steam PC Review

A famous TV series once said, “Space the final frontier” and “Where no man has gone before”. I’m not quite sure how these phrases would apply to a story-driven, first-per...

9 Amazing
The Dark Eye: Memoria Switch Banner

The Dark Eye: Memoria Switch Review

The Dark Eye is a German tabletop role-playing game whose origins start way back in 1984. An interesting fact, according to Wikipedia, “It is the most successful role-playing game on the German ...

7.5 Good
Hero-U: Rogue To Redemption Switch Banner

Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption Switch Review

When Transolar Games and Silesia Games‘ new adventure role-playing game for the Nintendo Switch came across our team sharing board my initial impression was what you might expect. At first glanc...

7.8 Good

Cultist Simulator: Initiate Edition Switch Review

I like a gaming challenge as much as the next guy. Throw in some strategy in a card game setting and I’m even more intrigued. In some cases, there’s a fine line between “figure it ou...

7 Good
King Arthur: Knight's Tale Banner

King Arthur: Knight’s Tale Steam Early Access Preview

NeocoreGames Studio is no stranger to creating roleplaying games (RPGs) as well as games based on 12th-century myths (i.e. King Arthur and Camelot). For action-RPGs with hack ‘n slash, they̵...


DC Universe Online 10th Year Anniversary Event Impressions

It’s no secret in these parts that I’m personally a big comic book and superhero fan! I separated those into separate categories because there are “comic books” that aren’...

Iris.Fall Switch Banner

Iris.Fall Nintendo Switch Review

Just when you think you’ve seen it all in a particular gaming genre then something comes along to prove you wrong. Developer NExT Studios and publisher PM Studios have done just that with their ...

9.5 Amazing
Sam & Max Save The World Banner

Sam & Max Save the World Switch Review

If you’re an older adventure gamer, like me, then you most likely have fond memories of playing many adventure games from the LucasArts games studio. We’d have to take the “way back ...

9 Amazing

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