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Vaporum Nintendo Switch Review – Not Losing Any Steam

Back in September of 2017 our own Mitchell Gassner reviewed the steampunk dungeon crawler, Vaporum, on PC and gave it a glowing review. Now nearly one and a half years later Vaporum makes it’s p...

8 Great
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Vaporum To Get A Signature Edition For Nintendo Switch

Video game publisher, Merge Games, announced that their forthcoming ported dungeon crawler, Vaporum, coming to the Nintendo Switch next week (digitally only) will be available on May 17th in one of th...


PRESS RELEASE: Sparklite Teased In New Trailer From Publisher Merge Games

Quietly revealed in the latter half of 2018, Sparklite is back in a big way with a brand new teaser trailer, new screenshots, and a feature showing at GDC 2019 with Microsoft! Developed by Red Blue Ga...


Aragami Shadow Edition – Review

You have been called forth from the darkness to become darkness and vengeance. As a shadow spirit, you have the ability to move through the shadows, jumping from here to there with the ability to assa...

8.5 Great

Candle: Power of the Flame – Switch Review

Candle: The Power of the Flame Puzzle Adventure Platformers aren’t as prevalent as they once were, but Teku Studios, the developer of Candle: The Power of the Flame, has not only created an enticing a...

7 Good

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