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Darksiders-Genesis 1 console

Darksiders Genesis Is Out On Consoles

Darksiders Genesis, the latest apocalypse looming over humanity, has just hit consoles today. Heere to woo players on PlayStation®, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch Darksider’s Genesis is a buddy action ...

Deadhaus Sonata - A Spiritual Successor To Legacy of Kain

Deadhaus Sonata – A Spiritual Successor To Legacy of Kain

Denis Dyack from Apocalypse studio invited players to check out Deadhaus Sonata to see for themselves how the game is a spiritual successor to Legacy of Kain. Deadhaus Sonata is a third-person dungeon...

Riverbond Review

Riverbond Review: “All Style, No Substance”

Looking for the next challenging dungeon crawling adventure? Looking for a deep, enthralling story that leaves you begging for more? Are you seeking a complex RPG experience that will have you focusin...

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Path Of Exile Conquerors Of The Atlas Expansion

Path Of Exile: Conquerors of the Atlas Expansion Arrives On PS4

Path of Exile has a huge new update, and hot on the heels of the PC release comes the Playstation 4 Conquerors Of The Atlas expansion. Originally revealed back in November 2019, during Exliecon, the l...

Don't Die, Minerva! Banner

Don’t Die, Minevera! Hands On Preview

As we approach the 2019 joyous Holiday Season what better way for a gamer to celebrate than to sit down with a spooky, horror-based dungeon crawler, right? We gamers are a strange lot indeed. While Xa...

Darksiders Genesis 2 Console

Darksiders Genesis Pre Orders Begin For Consoles

Darksiders Genesis, the top down dungeon crawler from THQ, isn’t finished with Lucifer quite yet. After last week’s releasee on PC, Console Pre Orders are now live. As THQ confirmed during the initial...

darksiders genesis

Darksiders Genesis Is Coming To PC and Stadia First

Darksiders Genesis finally has a release date. The upcoming dungeon crawler based on the Darksiders franchise looks like it will let PC and Stadia players take the first swing this December. Developer...

cat lady

Cat Lady Claws Its Way Into Early Access In October

Cat Lady, a dungeon crawler of the feline variety, is coming to Steam Early Access this October. It’s time to save grandma when the action begins on 17 October. Developed by Rose City Games and publis...


Mistover Trailer Shows Off Gameplay

Mistover, an upcoming RPG from developer and publisher Krafton Game Union, just got a new trailer. Check it out and meet the personalities that will see you through some dangerous dungeons. Due to arr...

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