overcrowd screenshot

Overcrowd: A Commute ‘Em Up Pulls Out of Early Access Today

If you’re finding something missing in your daily lockdown life then fear not, Overcrowd: A Commute ‘Em Up Launches Today. Originally out on Early Acess around 15 months ago, Overcrowd is a management...

space crew preview

Our Space Crew Preview Boldly Goes Ahead Of Launch

Space Crew is about to take sci-fi roguelike-likes and blast off into a brand new age of adventure when it arrives on 15 October. Prepare for takeoff with our first impressions of this colourful new t...

Guilds of Delenar - Steam Early Access Preview

Guilds of Delenar – Steam Early Access Preview

When I was a wee green grasshopper trying my hand at Warcraft 3 and frequently failing, I used to wonder how cool would it be if the units or other Heroes could be controlled by other players to apply...

Rising Star 2 giveaway

Rising Star 2 Review – An Interesting Second Album

If you’ve ever spent your evening watching your Sims play rock star int heir front rooms or figured that a case of King complex wasn’t quite enough musical interaction for your top-down strategy, find...

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Rising Star 2 Customization Trailer

Take To The Stage With Rising Star 2 Customization Trailer

Indie games outfit Gilligames has dropped a bunch of new detail on their upcoming management sim, Rising Star 2 so you can strike your own pose on stage. We might’ve been busy on other gigs, but it lo...

railway empire nintendo switch edition switch

Railway Empire Switch Quick Hit Review

Games publisher Kalypso Media has had a strong track record with strategy / tactical/ building simulation games. Their resume includes such classics as the Commandos and Tropico series. Now I’ve...

Crossroads Inn Review

Crossroads Inn Review

Ever since I first set my foot into Sims: Medieval, I have wanted more medieval-fantasy oriented simulators/management games to fill that very specific niche. There is a variety of castle-building sim...

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Planet Zoo

Planet Zoo: Closed Beta Preview

Have you heard of Planet Coaster? I have been so close to investing in that theme park sim so many times but the sheer size and detail of it is pretty intimidating since its launch in 2016 making me s...


Autonauts Coming to PC This October

Autonauts, the new colony management sim from Curve Digital and Denki Studios, has recently announced that it is coming exclusively to PC on 17 October, and it is bringing a twist I didn’t expect. Ris...

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