Worbital Launches January 31st

Team Jolly Roger has announced the upcoming launch of their deep space artillery strategy game Worbital. This Indie title offers a mix of long-range combat mixed with a healthy dose of chaotic cosmic ...

Stellaris: Megacorp Review - Taking over the universe one credit at a time

Stellaris: Megacorp Review – Taking over the universe one credit at a time

Paradox Interactive is dipping back into the well of grand strategy gaming with their newest DLC for Stellaris. Megacorp changes things up a bit by bringing an economy based expansion allowing players...

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Let’s face it, the majority of games center around mayhem in one form or another. Whether combatting, preventing, or enacting there are games of that specific ilk that allow and encourage it all...

Star Control Origins

Star Control: Origins Review

Star Control is back with a new addition to the series, Star Control: Origins. In SC:O  you are the Captian of Earths only interstellar ship. Primarily tasked with finding out about the Lexites until ...

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Rebel Galaxy Outlaw

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw Announced

From the moment I saw Cowboy Bebop for the first time, space has always seemed like an exciting adventure on the fringes of civil society. Indie developer Double Damage’s very own frontier title, Rebe...

60 Parsecs! Launches 18 September

For those of you that are of a certain vintage, Supermarket Sweep’s headlong dash through the isles was a familiar sight. This September, indie team Robot Gentlemen are set to pay homage to that manic...

Starship Corporation

Become an Intergalactic CEO in Starship Corporation!

For all the spaceship-building game fans, get hype as developers Coronado Games, along with publisher Iceberg Interactive get ready to take Starship Corporation out of Steam Early Access! Starship Cor...


Battletech Releases Basics Video

Is robotic combat your forte? Harebrained Schemes the makers of the beloved Shadowrun games has released a video on the basics of Battletech, an upcoming game set to release on Steam in April. Battlet...


Steam Weekly High Five: Is there such a thing as too many pirate games?

Yes I mean the sea dominating salty kind! Can there be too many pirate themed games? I don’t think so, in fact we need more! Diving into the week Virtual Reality is really pulling out all the st...

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