guild wars 2 build templates

Guild Wars 2 Build Templates Hands On

Guild Wars 2 gets a major update today. Build Templates are finally coming to ArenaNet’s MMORPG and we have a look at how they will change the game. Construction Delays Build and Equipment Templates l...

fleet carrier elite dangerous

Elite Dangerous Fleet Carriers Grounded For Six More Months

Fans of Elite Dangerous have been eagerly awaiting the introduction of Fleet Carriers into the game but it looks like they are going to be stuck in space dock for another six months. I can just about ...

sea of thieves

Sea Of Thieves Sets Sail For Fort Of The Dammed In Free Update

Halloween is upon us and that means all sorts of activities to get you your cowering in the dark. Sea of Thieves is no different and captains can raid the Fort Of The Dammed in October’s free up...

fortnite season 11

Fortnite Is About To Get More Bots

Fortnite is about to get even more botters. Don’t worry, this time it’s official. In a new update, Epic released a ton of balance changes that include the introduction of bots into matches. The Rise O...

pubg mobile lite

PUBG Mobile Lite Has A New Map

PUBG Mobile Lite payers in certain regions of the world might have noticed a few changes to the game of late. Just this weekend, Tencent dropped update 0.14.1 and a brand new map. Based on the massive...

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Vidoc is Right On Time For Shadowkeep

Bungie has released a new Vidoc for Destiny 2 and this massively multiplayer online shooter looks like it’s going back to earlier mishaps with some time travel antics. Sometime soon, the Shadowkeep an...


Horace Learns New Tricks And Gets New Game Modes

Horace, the critically lauded indie platformer, that we were pretty positive about too, is about to get a free content update packed to the brim with features. This cinematic indie platformer is the w...

Grand Theft Auto Online

Grand Theft Auto Online – Meet the Benefactor

If you’ve been looking for a sweet new ride in Grand Theft Auto Online, look no further than the newly-added Benefactor. It’s a “visionary cross between a catwalk-ready supermodel an...

Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online Update Add Pursuits Next Week

Red Dead Online is about to get another update and it’s due to release next week. On 10 September players will get to try out some new Frontier Pursuits. The Frontier Pursuits update for Red Dead Onli...

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