Mobile Anime RPG Epic Seven Receive Update

Epic Seven, the mobile anime RPG for Android and iOS, has dropped a brand new update for the title. This update includes new set items, two new characters, and a new skill transition. Game directors S...

Moonlighter - Friends & Foes Update Adds New Companions

Moonlighter – Friends & Foes Update Adds New Companions

Digital Sun and 11 bit studios have released a new free update for action RPG Moonlighter. Called Friends & Foes, it adds nine familiars who will be happy to aid you during your most dangerous adv...

Tower of Time

Play a Different Way With New Tower of Time Content

It’s time to sit back and get ready to return to the land of Artara in the Tower of Time. After launching back in DATE, this upstart CRPG has just unveiled a massive new content update and best of all...

Lightning Strikes as Battlefield V Enters its Second Chapter

The new year brings with it a new chapter in the life of Battlefield V. Dubbed the Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes update, Battlefield V is about to bring the thunder with this new season of content. Che...

Shen Rao Battlerite

New Champion Shen Rao Arrives in Battlerite

If there is one thing you can be sure of, it is that everything is better with dragons! It seems like the team behind Battlerite agree with my assertion with the news that a brand new champion is comi...

Skyforge Soundweaver

Grab Your Battle Axes for Skyforge’s Latest Update

My.com’s own action MMO, Skyforge is about to get a major update but this one might sound a little different than you might expect. The Distant Frequencies update is due later this month and marks the...

Ranked Play Arrives In PSVR-based MOBA Dark Eclipse

In the midst of celebrating its 40th year in the video game industry, developer SUNSOFT rolls out its 2.0 update for Playstation VR-based mobile battle arena, Dark Eclipse. If you aren’t familia...

Shooting Range

Best way to improve your aim in Fortnite using the Playground Shooting Range

The new ‘Shooting Range’ in Playground mode is one of the best ways to improve your aim in Fortnite. Added on October 24 in the V.620 update, the ‘Shooting Range’ can be found in Playground mode and p...

8.5 Great

Fortnite Version 5.30 Patch Just Delayed the Entire Weekly Reset Cycle

Tuesday is normally the day when Epic Games releases the latest patch for Fortnite: Battle Royale, but that’s not the case for this week. The developer will delay the next update along with the releas...

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